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HTTP Commander hosted by us

We provide you with the ability to choose how HTTP Commander will be deployed:
  1. Hosted on your own server. Great choice, if you already have Windows server or if HTTP Commander should be installed inside your internal network.
  2. Hosted by us. Easy to start: no server configuration , IIS installation and HTTP Commander installation is required.
With the hosted version of HTTP Commander you only need to choose type (SSD or HDD) and capacity of drive for virtual machine.

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Get free trial of HTTP Commander hosted version

Please use your corporate Email address instead of public gmail or yahoo addresses.

This name will be used to register domain name : yourcompany.ownwebdrive.com

Here are some benefits of the hosted version and what you will get:

  • All features of PRO version including the configured WebDav access and "Edit in Office" features.
  • Unlimited users license – you can manage as many users as you need.
  • Own Virtual Server – We create a VPS server for you. No other web site will be hosted on this server, no other clients will use this server. This is fully your own web server.
  • No server management – we will create and manage a Windows server for you.
  • Fast start – HTTP Commander has been already pre-configured to work with the Google Drive, One Drive , DropBox, Zoho and Box services.
  • Always the recent version – An upgrade to a new version is always free. We can perform your upgrade.
  • Domain name – yourcompany.ownwebdrive.com
  • A SSL certificate for secure connection

Where is it hosted?

We create a virtual machine with Windows Server 2012 R2 for you. We use Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services) as a hosting service provider. They are a world leading company in cloud computing services.
By request we can provide you with the RDP access to your Windows server where HTTP Commander is installed on. With the RDP access you will have full control over the server: you can manage storage and permissions, configure advanced settings in the IIS web server. You can, for example, create a VPN connection to your internal network. It could be helpful when you need to use existing network shares from internal network or authenticate users from AD with your internal Domain Controller.

Upgrade policy

With the hosted version you are allowed to upgrade to any major or minor version release for free. We shall not apply each minor version upgrade of your HTTP Commander copy. Instead we will apply only important updates. You always can perform upgrade manually or ask us (for free) to do that if you found useful some of new functionality released in minor update.

Try it for free