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PowUpload is an ASP.NET file upload control

PowUpload HTTP upload component enables an ASP.NET application to capture and save files uploaded to the web server by a browser. PowUpload is fully compatible with the standard files upload protocol defined in RFC1867 for the HTML POST Form with the <INPUT TYPE=FILE> tags.

PowUpload http module handles and stores the contents of the POST request to a file on the server hard disk rather than loading it into memory as the built-in ASP.NET upload support does. PowUpload provides rich server-side progressbar that lets users to monitor the progress of their uploads.

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File upload component features

  •   Uploads up to 4 GB files (limited by IIS)(new in version 1.3) without in-memory caching of requests. This feature allows you to upload of large files to a server with the low load of RAM and to saved from “System.OutOfMemoryException” error.
  •   Provides rich progress and status information during the upload process.
  •   Resumable upload(PowUpload supports PUT method defined in W3C RFC 2616 that is specialy designed to upload files. PUT method allows resumable upload which PowUpload also supports) (new in version 1.3)
  •   100% Server-side control. Does not require installation on the user computer.
  •   Compatible with any browser and OS on the user side.
  •   Compatible with SSL (HTTPS) and any kind of authentication.
  •   Unicode file names and form values support.
  •   Image size and type extraction functionality.
  •   Possibility to cancel an upload anytime with saving fully uploaded files. (new in version 1.3)
  •   Stores non file items of the form in own collection or in the built-in ASP.NET collection Request.Form.
  •   The Classes of the control has properties and methods with the same signature as in the built-in ASP.NET Request.Files collection. This gives you an opportunity to simply replace the built-in ASP.NET upload support with our one or use simultaneously the both.
  •   Fully Managed code and CLS compliant.
  •   Supports multiple files upload from multiple users at the same time.
  •   Upload speed limit. (new in version 1.3)
  •   Independent of httpRuntime maxRequestLength parameter.
  •   Allows to terminate connection any time or if too large file uploaded. (new in version 1.3)
  •   Access to uploaded Form variables and files while uploading. (new in version 1.3)
  •   Includes HttpHandler that allows to do any your custom actions while upload. (new in version 1.3)
  •   Includes sample of HttpHandler that directly saves files to SQL database. (new in version 1.3)
  •   Settings can be set in Web.Config or while runtime: common or for individual request. (new in version 1.3)
  •   Includes example of Progress bar without Page postbacks (AJAX technology)
  •   Example of extracting ZIP archives on server side. So clients can upload multiple files, folders and large folders structures.
  •   Easy installation with the help of setup.exe or by copying the Element-IT.PowUpload.dll file to the Bin\ folder of your application.
  •   Examples of use in C Sharp and VB.Net with a code behind or without.
  •   Includes an open source example of the file download feature without memory leak on the server.

Server system requirements:

Users side system requirements:

  • Any OS
  • Any of popular browsers