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Web file manager - HTTP Commander

HTTP Commander is a web based file manager known since 2002 and used by 100 000+ end users. This software is intended for fast and easy integration of web site functionality with sharing and management of files and documents on a Windows server through a web browser over net. It's a web server-based file sharing and management solution – the best alternative to FTP, WebDav, Sharepoint, etc. Users can work remotely with personal or shared folders and edit documents online stored on the server. Users can work from their home PC, inside their office or class or from a mobile device (with only a web browser required).
It is designed for Microsoft networks and can be used at Windows web server as a standalone application or integrated for any website (ASP.NET, PHP, Joomla, Drupal and other CMS). It supports all popular browsers and OS at the client side.
With HTTP Commander you can organize downloads at your website and share any documents and files with your visitors.
Web file explorer HTTP Commander support both Forms and Windows authentication (Basic or NTLM authentication for Active Directory users).

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Users testimonials:

"We are a firm of statutory accountants/auditors. We use HTTP Commander as it enables our clients to remotely access their accounts and other documents using only a web browser. It is a very efficient and secure way for our clients to access/store their confidential records."

Michael J Kenny - Partner, Kenny, Whelan & Company, Dublin, Ireland

Active Directory version for educational institutions and other organizations

Windows authentication version is a "must have" for educational institutions and other organizations using the Active Directory structure to provide remote access for students and staff to folders shared on the network. Users can manage shared files and edit Office documents inside an Intranet or from their home (via the Internet) and can use their home or work PC, Macintosh or a mobile device like the iPad, iPhone, Android based smartphone, etc. It can be used as a standalone application or integrated to an existing portal. Basic or NTLM authentication is used

The unique features of web file manager:

  • Installation and configuration within 10 minutes.

    No SQL server required, single web based application for administration and main UI.

  • 300+ file formats can be shared, open or edited online using just a browser.

    Documents, spreadsheets, images, video, audio. See full list

  • Integration with desktop versions of  Microsoft Office and free OpenOffice.org

    Web file manager allows users to use desktop Office applications for online editing. User does not need to download documents and upload them back to the server after editing - It works automatically (owing to WebDAV technology). File locking while editing feature is supported.

  • Integration with OneDrive (Microsoft) cloud storage and online office files editor*new in v1.6.2

    Allows users to upload/download files from HTTP Commander to their own SkyDrive account. SkyDrive has rich integration with desktop MS Office and browser based free Office Web Apps. Users can edit their files online using their desktop Office application or directly just using their browser.

  • Integration with free Google Drive (Google Docs) and Zoho cloud storages and Internet documents editing services.

    These free online services allow the user to store, view and edit most document and image formats. Upload/download to a Google Drive/Docs account is also available.

  • Integration with web based Pixlr, Picasa and Flickr websites -online image edit and sharing.

    Users can edit image files on the server and upload/download to their own image sharing account.

  • Integration with DropBox.com - a popular file sharing, sync and store cloud service.

    Users can upload/download files to their own account at DropBox.com website.

  • Mapping web folders is possible (WebDav)

    Web folder mapping is the functionality that allows users to map a web folder to the file system on their local computer (WebDav). The files and folders on the web interface are visible on their local computer as ‘local’ files and folders and be viewed and edited as if they were local files and folders.

  • Supports Mobile Devices: TouchPad (Web tablet PCs), Smartphones (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, etc).

    No double or right mouse-clicking required in web interface. Smartphones users have a compact mobile interface.

  • Optional mobile applications for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android

    Users can download and install the special mobile application for HTTP Commander and remotely connect to the folders on the server and perform some file actions. The application for iOS can be downloaded at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/http-commander/id561413475?mt=8. Android users can download it at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.elementit.httpcommander

  • 100% AJAX and JavaScript User Interface (ExtJS-best alternative to jQuery). C sharp ASP NET server side
  • Integration to any site: Unix, Windows, PHP, any CMS (IFRAME view demo or Main demo)
  • Integration with existing CMS users database (Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress open source samples already included) Details
  • Forms and Windows (Active Directory) authentication or no authentication support
  • Multiple files and folders uploaders with resumable and very large file size support.
  • Multiple files and directory download (resumable)
  • Top ASP.NET file manager within 25+ ASP.NET Web file manager and PHP web file explorer applications
See all of the HTTP Commander web file browser features list and System requirements