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HTTP Commander demo (Forms authentication):

https://demo.element-it.com/examples/demoforms/ (link will be opened in a new window).
1. User  Name: demo, Password: demo
2. Administrator  Name: admin, Password: admin. Admin panel is in demo mode: You can't modify existing "demo" and "admin" users and you can create shares only with path "c:\hc7data\demofolder1"!
Other languages: English Spanish Deutsch French Italian Русский Chinese Arabic More than 30+ languages

HTTP Commander demo (Active Directory Windows authentication):

https://demo.element-it.com/examples/demowindows/ (link will be opened in a new window).
1. Windows user  Name: demo, Password: demo (name and password in low register!)
2. Active Directory User  Name: john, Password: john (name and password in low register!) User "john" is set as administrator for demo purpose!
"john" is member of "Doman users" and "Students2008" groups and has home folder.
See the "How to setup folders in HTTP Commander" Screencast

HTTP Commander IFRAME mode example (Compact and easy integration)

http://www.element-it.com/iframemode.aspx (link will be opened in a new window).

HTTP Commander mobile web interface (works in browser of mobile devices)

https://demo.element-it.com/examples/demoforms/Default.aspx?Mobile= (link will be opened in a new window).
1. User  Name: demo, Password: demo
If you test it on a Desktop PC then use IE, FireFox or Chrome browsers.
 View Mobile version screencast

Mobile applications (installs on mobile devices as application):

HTTP Commander has mobile applications which can be installed on iOS or Android devices as application and works without using the web browser. Applications allows the user to save URL and user credentials so they won't need to type this each time. See links to mobile applications at the right side.