HTTP Commander  AJS 3.x

Note! This Manual is for the "Windows authentication" version, which is designed to work with existing Windows server or Active Directory accounts and Windows authentication. If you want to create accounts by yourself and store their credentials in your own HTTP Commander XML database, you need to download the "Forms authentication" version! This Manual is for the Windows authentication version only!

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NTFS permissions

This section describes how to set up NTFS permissions on HTTP Commander data files and on user data folders.

Note 1!
You can view how to set up NTFS permissions at installation screencast (video) (Recommended)!
Note 2! Instead of inspecting NTFS permissions manually, you may make use of our automatic diagnostic page "http://localhost/HTCOMNET/Diagnostics.aspx". It identifies places requiring your attention, that is, it highlights folders and files that provide insufficient access to particular windows accounts.

If you want to check NTFS permissions manually then see information below:

  • AnonymousDownload.ashx permissions
    You need to configure anonymous access to AnonymousDownload.ashx file if anything of the following is true: The process of configuring AnonymousDownload.ashx for anonymous access is detailed in the section configure anonymous access to AnonymousDownload.ashx. Here we focus on the topic of NTFS permissions required for the service account. In general, you should grant Read and Write NTFS permissions to the service account to all user files you want to provide access to. If you plan to generate only download links (vs links that provide ability to upload files) and if you need only viewer online services like Google Viewer, Zoho Viewer, it is enough to assign Read permission to the user files.