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What is HTTP Commander?

HTTP Commander is a web based file management solution hosted on your own server. It provides a basic functionality for working with files (creating, coping, deleting, etc.) and many other additional features such as the integration with cloud services, editing Office documents online directly in your browser, tags, comments, and more.

It's ideal for the integration into an existing Active Directory Structure, since you can use your existing user base, existing network shares and NTFS permissions.

It also can be used without an AD, so users can register themselves, administrators can manage the users directly within the application.

Here are some problems solved by HTTP Commander:
  • You have existing files in your internal network and you need to provide some users with the ability to access them externally in a simple and secure way without the installation of any additional software on the client's side and keep files physically in your internal network.
  • You need to organize simple and secure way for folders/files management for your users with the ability to set different permissions for different users/groups.
  • You need to allow users editing office documents directly in a browser without installation of any additional software.
HTTP Commander is hosted on your own server. You pay for the license only once and there are no recurring payments.
You save up to 10 times compared to the cloud services.

HTTP Commander

OneDrive For Business

Google Drive for business



Zoho Workspace

Price per user

From $4 per user
One-time payment.
Lifetime license.

NO annual payments

$5 per user/month

$4.16 per user/month

$12.5 per user/month

12 euro per user/month

$2 per user /month

Price per 100 users

$659 - Standard/$999 - PRO

One-time payment.
Lifetime license.

 NO annual payments

$500 monthly

$6000 yearly

$416 monthly

$4992 yearly

$1250 monthly

$15000 yearly

1200 monthly

14400 euro yearly

$200 monthly

$2400 yearly

Price per 100 users

For 3 years

Without MAJOR upgrade
$659 - Standard/$999 - PRO

With one MAJOR version upgrade (with 50% discount):
$988.5 (659+329.5) - Standard
$1498.5 (999+499.5) - PRO







You decide how much space to allocate for users. You manage storage on your servers.

1 TB for all

30 GB per user

2 TB for all


30 GB per user


All data hosted on your own internal servers.

Data on third parties servers

Data on third parties servers

Data on third parties servers

Data on third parties servers

Data on third parties servers

View & Edit office documents







Transfer files between other Cloud Storage services


Users can easily transfer files to/from their own Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box.NET accounts.






WebDAV support







Why HTTP Commander?

  • User-friendly UI
    Familiar and user-friendly Windows Explorer-like interface
  • Edit Office documents
    Edit (including collaborate) office documents in browser using online document editors or
    in well-known desktop MS Office applications.
  • WebDAV
    Support of WebDAV protocol allows to
    map shared folders as a network drives.
  • Easy AD integration
    Fast and transparent integration with existing Active Directory infrastructure. Support of Windows authentication and ADFS.
  • Secure
    All user activities are stored and can be analyzed by administrator.
  • Comfortable admin panel
    Admin panel allows to manage almost anything : settings, folders, users, groups and more...

For whom is this application designed

HTTP Commander is a convenient tool to provide access to files from anywhere.

For Educational organizations

  • For teachers – teachers can share their files for homework, they can use Labels and Comments to grade students works.
  • For students – access to files from everywhere: classroom, own cellphone or home laptop.
  • AD integration – all users and groups are managed in central place – in an existing Active Directory.
More about educational features

For organizations with an existing Active Directory Structure

Transparent integration with an existing Active Directory

  • AD users – HTTP Commander will use existing AD users store for the authentication. Additionally, it reads information about users' group membership and home folder.
  • Network shares – Usage of existing network shares.
  • NTFS permissions – HTTP Commander works under logged in user identity therefore existing NTFS permissions on folders are respected.
More about Active Directory integration

Version for other customers

  • Create and manage users/groups directly in HTTP Commander or allow them to register
  • Quick and easy installation – No Database required.
  • Access to corporate files from everywhere – Only browser is required to work with HTTP Commander on any device.
More about HTTP Commander

Element-IT company has been dealing with web development since 2002 and many well-known companies trust us.

There are some of them:


Network Systems Coordinator, Black Gold Regional Division No. 18
HTTP Commander has offered us a simple and cost effective way to address staff and student access to school data from home with minimal tech support required. We have encouraged other school boards in Alberta to consider this a easily deployed solution to data access.
Anders Larsen
CEO A.H. Larsen Consult
HTTP Commander is our choice when customers want to reach their documents outside the office. They can download, work on documents, and upload them to the server again so that people inside the office can see the changes instantly. An excellent, easy to setup solution for small and mid-cap companies. Anybody can install and manage this easy to use solution.
Wendy Johnson
Production Systems Administrator, The University of Toledo
HTTP Commander allows our students, faculty and staff to access their files remotely through their web browser and is easy for them to use. It was also easy to install and the support from Element-IT is friendly and efficient.