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Web file explorer - HTTP Commander

web file manager
The web file explorer HTTP Commander is designed for giving remote access to the Web server’s files. Using only the browser end-users can manage files and folders that are shared to them. There are some rich opportunities for online file editing, cloud services integration and storages. HTTP Commander is being installed on the Windows Server platform. The end-user can use Desktop PC, smartphone, pad with any OS and web browser. The application is the best alternative to FTP, WebDav, Sharepoint because it combines all their pluses and adds a lot of new opportunities. Every day more than 100 000 users from different companies and learning institutions use HTTP Commander. More info about Web file manager

The version for learning institutions or companies using Active Directory

The existing Active Directory users can use HTTP Commander without a new registration. You should just install HTTP Commander Windows authentication version on the server and the application will automatically permit Active Directory’s users to enter and get access to the existing or new shares. This version is often used by educational institutions. They have appreciated the opportunity of file’s online editing and the file access via any mobile devices.

The web file explorer HTTP Commander’s functions:

  • All the basic actions with files:

    Creation, copy, deleting, search, file data.

  • File transfer operations between server and client:

    Downloading and uploading of files and folders incl. several at once. Drag-n-drop support.

  • Integration with online editing services and content view:

    Users can view and edit files and pictures using only the browser without supplementary software engaging. The application is integrated with Google docs, Microsoft Office web apps, Zoho, Pixlr.

  • Integration with the desktop applications MS office и OpenOffice.org:

    Users can engage MS office и OpenOffice.org for file editing. There’s no need to download file and upload backward because all is done automatically.

  • Webdav access and folders’ mapping in OS client:

    User can map folders from HTTP Commander into its OS and work with files as if they are local. All the file changes synchronize immediately on the server.

  • Integration with file storage cloud services:

    Users can transfer files between HTTP Commander server and their accounts in the cloud services DropBox.com, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive. Users can engage the built-in file editing opportunities of the services and transfer the changed files back to HTTP Commander.

  • Mobile devices supporting:

    When it has access with the mobile devices the application downloads easy mobile interface. Android, iOS, Windows Mobile smartphones and pads users will appreciate the new interface. The application theme is set up and looks like the device interface.

  • Quick installation and setting:

    We have facilitated maximally the process of installation and setting so that it can be done in 10 minutes. HTTP Commander doesn’t demand the database installation etc. There’s joint web application for the administrator and the end-users.

  • Rapid application operations without server high load:

    HTTP Commander has 100% AJAX interface (JavaScript). Therefore, the date between server and client is transmitted immediately.

  • Multilingual interface:

    HTTP Commander has fully localized interface for more than 50 languages. The most popular languages were made by translators. Others have machine translation, but they can be corrected by the administrator.

  • Zip/unzip support:

    Users can use zip compression for quick file transference to the server or for large file structure.

  • Many settings:

    The application has more than 100 settings that can configure it for almost any needs: to limit the opportunities or change look and feel.

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File uploaders

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