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Web file manager for Active Directory
Fast, clear and easy integration.
External access to shared folders.
NTFS and ADFS support.
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Windows authentication (Active Directory) version features:

This is a special edition designed to use with existing Active Directory or Windows Server users. Basic or NTLM authentication is used. It provides an intelligent web interface and allows users to remotely access their personal or common folders shared on the domain network. It supports existing users, groups, shares and Organizational Units of Active Directory. End users will only be able to access information that they have NTFS permissions to. Web based file manager HTTP Commander is compatible with Windows NT 4.0 Domains and Active Directory. This version is a "must have" software for schools, academies, colleges, universities and other organizations with Windows server or Active Directory users

  • Easy and fastest installation (5-10 minutes): No SQL server required, single ASP.NET application for administration and UI.
  • To use the application, no need to make any changes to the Active Directory or modify existing NTFS permissions and shares
  • Windows Basic or NTLM authentication is used: there is not any extra database of users.
  • Absolutely safe, because there is no need to save users’ passwords or names. Moreover, the application works under the account of a logged-in user, so the access to the folder is possible only if the user has NTFS permissions to the folder.
  • Determines user’s groups, so the administrator can make access to the folder for the whole group (no need to set all users of the group).
  • Provides access to files for Intranet and Internet (from home PC) users. It supports the most popular browsers for Windows, Macintosh OS and other.
  • Provides access to personal folders of Active Directory users (Drive Z:), local server folders, remote UNC folders (like \\server\foldername\) , DFS folders (like \\domain\DFSfolder) and supports file related solutions like ABE (Access based enumerations), NAS, etc.
  • Supports Symbolic Links.
  • Can be installed on any server: inside Active Directory (domain controller or not) or without Active Directory or inside DMZ.
  • Supports different NTFS access permissions to a folder: Full (Read+Modify+Write), Read only, Read+Write (Upload).
  • Supports online editing via Microsoft office and free OpenOffice.org. It supports online Google Docs and Zoho viewers and editors.
  • Allows working with files using mobile Smartphones or touchpads. Chromebooks is also supported.
  • Supports WebDav (mapping web folder to local OS).
  • The application is successfully used by a lot of educational and other organizations since 2002.
  • Very easy and fast installing: it takes about 2-5 minutes (see video). By default after installing all the users of a domain get an access to their own home folder and can work with the application.
  • The authentication is controlled only by IIS.
  • One application can work with users from several domains at once.
  • Can be integrated with existing SharePoint portal or Outlook web access (OWA)
If you have already users with their shared folders, the access for 1000+ users can be set within 1-5 minutes.
See the  "HTTP Commander Active Directory integration: 10 minutes to install and configure" video