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Mobile Interface:

HTTP Commander supports most of browsers in mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android-smartphones and tablet computers, BlackBerry, Windows-mobile, Symbian and some others. HTTP Commander has a specific compacted interface for the above-mentioned devices and specially integrated features for them.

Some feature of the mobile interface:

  • Watching streaming web video. It is possible for users to convert video files to a suitable format for their device format and screen resolution.
  • Files upload and download from a mobile device.
  • A different application for photo and video upload is used for iPhone because iPhone does not have the functionality in it’s browser.
  • Viewing pictures with paging function.
  • Viewing PDF and some Office formats on the device itself with the help of internal software.
  • Viewing PDF and some Office formats online with the help of Google Doc and Zoho services.
  • Smartphones work both with Forms and with Windows (Active Directory) authentication or without it.
  • The standard state (not mobile) is adapted and works on iPad and similar touchpad tablet computers without any problems.