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Mobile Interface:

HTTP Commander supports most of browsers in mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android-smartphones and tablet computers, BlackBerry, Windows-mobile, Symbian and some others. HTTP Commander has a specific compacted interface for the above-mentioned devices and specially integrated features for them.

Some feature of the mobile interface:

  • Support of all basic operations with files and folders: delete, rename, create, copy, move .
  • Support of sorting and searching.
  • Multiple view modes: list and thumbnails .
  • Support of cloud services: Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox .
  • Downloading and uploading files to the server.
  • View the images with the slide show function.
  • View the video files.
  • Listen to audio files.
  • View PDF files and office files directly in the browser.
  • Forms and Windows (Active Directory) authentication support.
  • Share files.
  • View file history, leave comments on files and folders.
  • Full version of the web interface (not the mobile interface) is also adapted to work on tablets.

Mobile applications (installs on mobile devices as application):

HTTP Commander has mobile applications which can be installed on iOS or Android devices as application and works without using the web browser. Applications allows the user to save URL and user credentials so they won't need to type this each time. See links to mobile applications at the right side.