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JavaPowUpload Java based web file uploader/downloader

JavaPowUpload is advanced File Uploader and File Downloader applet
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JavaPowUpload Java based web file uploader/downloader

JavaPowUpload has list and tree files view.
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JavaPowUpload Java based web file uploader/downloader

JavaPowUpload offers also rich JavaScript API to create custom user interface
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JavaPowUpload Java based web file uploader/downloader

Very compact view example
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JavaPowUpload is File Uploader and File Downloader applet

JavaPowUpload is a web browser applet -File Uploader and File Downloader. Uploader has been created to replace the classic Form uploading in a browser.

The most significant possibilities are:

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JavaPowUpload is a universal tool

JavaPowUpload can work at 99% of browsers and sites. It supports IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. Most users has Java installed (the quantity of such users is growing), also JRE can be easily downloaded and installed automatically within 1-2 minutes. It is suitable for any OS installed on a client’s computer or a server. JavaPowUpload supports any server script that uploads files: PHP, ASP.NET, Perl and others.
For JavaPowUpload you need only Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed.

Who needs JavaPowUpload applet?

JavaPowUpload can be used on any website and adapted by a webmaster without any programming skills. Any company that wants to offer comfortable uploading and downloading of multiple files, folders and images may use JavaPowUpload. It is not necessary for website visitors to install extra software like FTP client or download manager. Most of the problems connected with uploading and downloading can be solved by JavaPowUpload that can be adapted by a webmaster.

Key functions of JavaPowUpload

  • Functions for selecting files and folders:
    • Selecting multiple files for uploading by Ctrl, Shift or by Ctrl+A hot key.
    • Selecting multiple folders (including subdirectories) for uploading.
    • Drag-n-drop function for files and folders in JavaPowUpload
  • Advanced features:
    • Resumable upload if Internet connection was broken.
    • Very large files upload (10 GB tested).
    • Uploading whole file in request or by chunks.
    • Independent of request size limits (settings at php.ini, web.config, etc.)
  • Functions for working with images:
    • Image preview in JavaPowUpload interface.
    • Manipulations with thumbnails: rotating, cutting and resizing.
    • Thumbnail uploading on server after the manipulations.
    • It increases the uploading speed and saves from doing the manipulations on server side.
  • Comfortable and customizable interface:
    • Themes support. 45 themes included.
    • Progress bar and detailed information about the uploading process.
    • Multilingual interface. English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and other 30+ languages
    • Interface can be changed to your own HTML and javascript code that matches your website style.
    • Upload and Download in one component of one style.
  • Possible restrictions:
    • It is possible to set a restriction on types of uploaded files and their quantity, for examples, to upload only images.
    • It is possible to set a maximum size of particular files, all files or to set a quantity of files.
  • Standards and technologies support:
    • JavaPowUpload uses standard RFC1867 for uploading. The same standard is used for uploading via standard Form.
    • Supports uploading and downloading via HTTP, SSL/HTTPS, FTP, FTPS.
    • Supports Authentication (Forms, Basic, Windows integrated).
    • Supports Cookies and Session. JavaPowUpload automaticaly sends all Cookies and SessionID cookie that has web page containing it.
    • Supports Proxy Servers. Proxy server settings should be configured inside JavaPowUpload.
Didn't found needed features? See our advanced relayted products: Flash based MultiPowUpload , Silverlight based Ultimate Uploader , ActiveX ActiveXPowUpload.

Server system requirements:

  • Any OS and web server.
  • Standard script which receives files on server. ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, ColdFusion and Perl server scripts examples are included.

Users side system requirements:

  • Any OS
  • Any of popular browsers
  • Java Runtime Environment version > 1.5 (released by Sun at 2004 year). Most users has Java installed