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HTTP Commander install on Microsoft Azure

Note !
We offer free installation assistance for both trial and commercial licenses. You can get help via email, instant messenger or via remote access to your server. You need few minutes to get online help.

In this tutorial we assume that you already have an Azure account. If you don't have an Azure account, use the following procedure to create one.
To create an Azure account
  1. Open https://azure.microsoft.com, and then choose "Start free".
  2. Follow the online instructions.

Steps To Launch Http Commander on Azure Virtual Machine
  1. Login to Azure portal and click on "+New" item, then choose "Virtual Machines" and then "Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter" (if you would like to install HTTP Commander manually)
    Or search for "HTTP Commander" in Azure Marketplace to create VM with installed HTTP Commander.
    Here is direct link to Create VM with installed HTTP Commander
    Product page on Azure marketplace
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  2. Click "Create" button to start creation process .
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  3. Set name of Virtual machine, username and password which will be used to login to Windows. Select disk type and location.
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  4. Choose the desired Virtual Machine size.
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  5. Check instance details. You can keep it as is.
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  6. Summary page.
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  7. Open Virtual Machines section and select newly created machine.
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  8. Open network interfaces and select used network interface.
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  9. Open Network Security group section and then click on security group used.
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  10. Open "Inbound security rules" section and click on "+Add" button .
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  11. Add rules to open up the port 80 for HTTP access, 443 for HTTPS (if required). Port 3389 for rdp access already should be opened.
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  12. Navigate to Virtual Machines section and select newly created machine. Now you can try connect to your VM by RPD. Press "Connect" button, download and open rdp file.
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  13. If you did used HTTP Commander VM image to create your VM, then you should be able to access HTTP Commander by following links:
    Standard version (use admin/admin to login) http://vmname.region.cloudapp.azure.com/htcomnet-st/
    AD version (Use Windows account specified during VM creation to login)http://vmname.region.cloudapp.azure.com/htcomnet-ad/

    If you used clean WIndows Server image for you VM, Login to your Virtual Machine and follow regular installation instructions. Now we are ready to install IIS web server and Http Commander.
    Follow the regular Installation instructions.