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Licensing and support

HTTP Commander is 30 days trial by default. It allows not more than 10 sessions and shows a notification about trial version when a user logons. To remove the limitations you can buy full unlimited license from Element-IT website. See available licenses here.
All licenses have 30-days money back guarantee.
We offer life time free support via email, instant messengers or remote access. It is not depend if you already bought license or only planning to do this.


We don't have annual fees. Minor upgrades are free for existing customers. Major upgrades (once per 1-2 year) can be made with 50% discount. You don't need to make major upgrade if you like your previous version (We have customers who successfully using version released at 2006 year).
See also Update notes.

Third-party software

HTTP Commander uses some third-party software products only for video converting feature, receive PDF thumbnails. These products are licensed under their own licenses, HTTP Commander license does not apply to them. The complete list of all third-party products is provided below.

All third-party products' files must be placed in the bin subdirectoryof the root HTTP Commander directory.

HTTP Commander uses only the files listed above, other files that are part of the aforementioned third-party products are not required and should not be copied in the bin directory, unless they are required for correct functioning of the aforementioned programs, like DLLs.