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Web folders mapping

Web folder mapping allows users to map web folder to the file system on local computer (WebDav). Users may see on a local computer and work with the same folders that they see in HTTP Commander interface with the same rights. In fact the work with files takes place online in a remote folder on server, so Internet access is necessary. All the changes made by a user apply to the files on server at the very same moment.

Advantages of web folder:

Disadvantages of web folder:

Configuring web folder mapping on Web Server side

Enabling special characters in WebDAV item names:

Using web folders on client side

  1. "hcwebdav" folder serves the role of configuring anonymous access with IIS Manager. It is not required for correct functioning of WebDAV in HTTP Commander. On the contrary, IIS may interfere in processing WebDAV requests if this folder exists. We recommend to remove this folder after at the end of configuration.