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Source code modifications

The HTTP Commander is partially an open source code project. You can find open ASP.NET code in same files in the HTCOMNET root folder.
You are allowed to modify any of these files if you need:

Setup users programmatically

You can setup users, their authentication, permissions and folders programmatically. I.e you don't need to use Admin panel and built-in XML files for storing data. This is needed if you have own database of users or you want programmatically setup users and folders.
All you need is to edit open source Global.asax file.

Global.asax stores sample code to setup users and folders. You should uncomment code in Application_Start event to use programmatic setup.

Below is the example of building list users, groups programmatically.

Change Application settings programmatically

You can change Application settings or set individual settings for each session programmatically:
The HTTP Commander has a license with full open source code in case you need to make more changes. Our support team can make some custom modifications for you as well.

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