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SSL compatibility

This section describes SSL compatibility of different features of HTTP Commander.

Feature Without SSL Self-Signed SSL Valid, Public SSL
Map WebDAV folder -/+
Starting from Windows 7, Windows will fail to connect to the server using Basic authentication. By default SSL is required for correct work with WebDAV.
However often it is required to configure WebDAV without SSL. As workaround you can use method described in WebFolders section of manual.

If certificate is not trusted, windows will refuse to map WebDav folder as network drive.

Windows may fail to automatically reconnect mapped network drive on logon. More details and possible workaround in following KB: Windows 7 cannot automatically reconnect a DAV share when Basic Authentication is used.
Edit in desktop MS Office +
If parameter UseMSOFBAwithMSOffice is enabled, then edit in Office feature will work correctly even without SSl enabled and credentials will be stored (office would ask to enter username and password) for 3 days.

Otherwise, if parameter is disabled, you may have issues with opening documents in MS Office without SSL as described in following KB article Office file types fail to open from server.
If certificate is not trusted, warning message may appear.
Edit in MS Office online + + +
Edit in MS Office 365 + + +
Edit in Google Drive + + +
Edit in Zoho + - +
Edit in Pixlr + + +
View in MS Office Web Apps + - +
View in Google + + +
View in Box + + +
View in AutoCad + + +
View in ShareCad + - +
Download/Upload Google Drive + + +
Download/Upload OneDrive/Office365 + + +
Download/Upload Dropbox - + +
Download/Upload Box - + +