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Upgrade from old versions

This page describes upgrade process of HTTP Commander.
There are 2 ways to perform upgrade of HTTP Commander to latest version:

We are ready to assist you with upgrade process. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need to have assistance on upgrade.

Automatic upgrade from admin panel.

NOTE! Automatic updating to version 5 (and higher) from the Admin Panel is possible only with version 4.6.6. From previous versions, after the update, the application starts with an error, is this case use Manual upgrade.

Starting with version 4.5, it is possible to use semi-automatic upgrade procedure to upgrade to latest version. So, if your current version of HTTP Commander is 4.5 and later and you need to upgrade to any later version, here are the steps:

  1. Login to HTTP Commander under administrator account
  2. Open Admin Panel and navigate to Upgrade tab. Here yo can see current version number and version number of latest available release.
  3. There are 2 sections : Manual upgrade and Automated upgrade.
    In Automated upgrade section click on "Step#1" button to start upgrade process.
  4. Click on "Backup" button of "Step #1" section for backup file creation
  5. Once backup is ceated, link to download backup file will be available.
    Click on that link to download backup archive and activate next step.
  6. "Step #3" becomes activated.

Attention! If after the automatic update, you see an error, as in the screenshot , then delete the files:
Office365Sdk.dll, Auth0Sdk.dll
from the bin folder where the HTTP Commander application is installed, and refresh page.

Manual upgrade

Note: Starting from version 4.5 you can use "Upgrade" tab in admin panel to backup and retore settings.

Below are the steps for performing the manual upgrade procedure. Despite the fact that there are many steps, the upgrade procedure is not as complex as it seems.
In short you will need to perform 3 main steps : backup current folder, copy new version, restore settings.

Note 1 Old versions (prior to 1.7 version) of HTTP Commander stored settings in the appSettings collection of the web.config file, there was no HttpCommanderSettings.config file. You need to manually port the settings to the new configuration file.

Note 2 Starting from version 2.0.6 HTTP Commander requires at least 4.x version of .NET framework.
How to check version of .NET framework (on IIS 7 and later):

Note 3 You may skip the step of revising NTFS permissions on installation files if you copy new distribution files over the old installation or if you restore permissions with icacls utility. In copy over scenario you need to manually remove files that are missing in the new version of HTTP Commander.