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What is JavaPowUpload?

JavaPowUpload is a Java applet that has been created to exchange the classic Form uploading in a browser. JavaPowUpload works in a browser and can also be placed on a web site easily. It offers lots of new possibilities that are not available during the usual upload via Form.
The most significant possibilities are multiple files and folders uploading, multiple files and folder downloading with resumable download and progress bar function.

JavaPowUpload is a universal control.

JavaPowUpload works in 99% of browsers that are used nowadays (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc). It is suitable for any OS installed on a client’s computer or a server. JavaPowUpload supports any server script that uploads files: PHP, ASP.NET, Perl and others.
For JavaPowUpload you need only Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed. JRE like Flash has already been installed on most PCs of internet users or it can be easily downloaded and installed automatically within 1-2 minutes.

Who needs JavaPowUpload?

 JavaPowUpload can be used on any website and adapted by a webmaster without any programming skills. Any company that wants to offer comfortable uploading and downloading of multiple files, folders and images may use JavaPowUpload. It is not necessary for website visitors to install extra software like FTP client or download manager. Most of the problems connected with uploading and downloading can be solved by JavaPowUpload that can be adapted by a webmaster.

Key functions of JavaPowUpload:

Functions for selecting files and folders:

Advanced features :

Functions for working with images:

Comfortable and customizable interface:

Possible restrictions:

Standards and technologies support:

Other notes:

JavaPowUpload system requirements

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Server's side: