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Element-IT Software

Element-IT Software specializes in development of file upload controls and web-based file management solutions.

Our software is used for everything from small organization needs to corporate data exchange solutions. Element-IT offers products such as: different client-side file upload/download controls: MultiPowUpload - Flash multiple files uploader; ActiveX file uploader and Java file uploader - ActiveXPowUpload and JavaPowUpload applet can be used at any web server and web page, offer a lot of advanced features to upload/download whole folders over HTTP and FTP; ASP.NET file manager HTTP Commander - web based file manager for Windows servers; .NET file upload control PowUpload is our .NET file upload component that lets you upload files to server with low memory use, progress bar and some other advantages; Ultimate Uploader - Silverlight file upload control with thumbnails preview, resume broken uploads and much more; and some other products.
      These products prove themselves to be high-quality, easy-to-use, and efficient - 'must haves' for companies which use file upload/exchange/management solutions. We are also excited to introduce Element-IT's licensing option which makes it possible to purchase some our products source code, allowing for even more complete integration and reliability.

      Our mission is to enhance possibilities of our customers' web solutions by implementation of our products. New possibilities provided to our customers not only increase their competitive positions, but also promote higher satisfaction of end users needs, i.e. those who are clients of our customers.

       Element-IT Software founded at 2002. Started with single product HTTP Commander. After few years quickly growing company made PowUpload control and our other software (now includes 7 products). Since 2003 we successfully cooperating with Share-it* (Digital River, Inc.), our e-Commerce partner.