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HTTP Commander downloads

We provide a 30-day trial period for HTTP Commander. During the trial period, the file manager is fully functional, without any restrictions. If you decide to purchase it later, you just need to apply the license key, no reconfiguration is required.

HTTP Commander v7.6.3 Last update: v7.6.3 (7 June 2024) . See changelog

Requires Servers 2008 R2 SP1 and later, IIS7.5 and later, .NET Framework 4.7.2 or above.

Previous versions Links to previous versions of the HTTP Commander.

Security patch for HTTP Commander v5 (5.3.5 and earlier) and v7.0.0:
Download patch

If you are looking for a link to some specific version, please contact us.

Installation screencasts (video tutorials)For Windows 2008/2012/2016/2019 (IIS 7,8 or 10)

Note!We provide free installation assistance via email or you can create remote desktop access to your server. See how to configure RDP or TeamViewer
Installation guide (File also exist in distributive. See /Manual/index.html)

Archived products, old versions


MultiPowUpload Flash file uploader

MultiPowUpload 3.4.5
Release date: May 7 2014


JavaPowUpload Java file uploader and downloader

JavaPowUpload 2.2.6
Release date: November 20 2019 (Code signature up to November 2021)

Download v2.2.6 Download v2.0.7

Ultimate Uploader Silverlight based file uploader

Ultimate Uploader 1.6.3
Release date: May 7 2014


ActiveXPowUpload ActiveX file uploader

Release date: December 30 2011 (Code signature up to Feb 2016)


PowUpload .NET server side upload control

PowUpload 1.3
Release date: February 02 2010

Install wizard (msi package) Manual deploy (zip package)

OfficeOpen Online edit via Microsoft Office and

Release date: October 24 2013

Download ASP.NET version Download PHP version