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8 July 2024

HTTP Commander 7.6.4 minor version release

  • (new) Added ability to disable CSRF protection for upload (EnableCsrfUploadProtection option in UploadDownload section)
  • (new) Added support of openning office documents in desktop LibreOffice app directly from browser with vnd.libreoffice.command protocol prefix
  • (fix) Fixed saving of Office documents via WebDAV when certain types of files are prohibited for creation
  • (fix) Fixed positioning of icons in upload window, do not show compact mode automatically on mobile devices.
7 June 2024

HTTP Commander 7.6.3 minor version release

  • (new) Added check of file size, modification date and name on the client side. Files with the same name, size and date automatically skipped. If there is only one page of files and no subfolders dropped for upload, check is performed on the client side in JS, otherwise files checked on the server side.
  • (fix) Fixed issue with invisible public link url field when Only short urls are used
  • (fix) Fixed issue with duplicate public link created, when its shared by email right after creation.
  • (fix) Fixed hiding of public link option from email window when password is required for public links
  • (fix) Fixed procedure of upgrading DB schema during upgrade process from old versions (4.x) to the latest.
2 May 2024

HTTP Commander 7.6.2 minor version release

  • (new) Added setting to allow only one active session per user account. By default it is disabled and there is no limit on the number of active user sessions.
  • (new) Check upload restriction on client side before upload. Files with not allowed extensions are not added to the upload list.
  • (new) Upload window compact mode
  • (new) Preview PDF files on mobile devices. And as a result preview of office documents on mobile devices when LivreOffice viewer is configured on the server side.
  • (improvement) Optimized file list load time.
  • (improvement) Drag-and-drop tooltip zone design updated, fixed issues with positioning , added icon animation, added folder name
  • (fix) Fixed issue with check whther NTFS alt streams are supported
  • (fix) Issue with drag and drop of large folder structure for upload.
  • (fix) ADFS: end-user impersonation during upload process.
  • (fix) Open uploaded file location when folder is uploaded
  • (fix) Displaying of tooltips for tabs in details panel.
  • (fix) Fixed folder tree icons after displaying loading indicator.
  • (fix) Added missed svg icons when UseFontIcons is set to false
  • (fix) Fixed total upload progress info calculation
  • (new) Updated third party libraries
26 Mar 2024

HTTP Commander 7.6.0 minor version release

  • (new) Automatic version history for files: old file version stored when file with the same name is uploaded or when file is edited. Old versions can be restored.
  • (new) Added ability to preview previous file versions.
  • (new) Added "versioning" permission for folders.
  • (new) Added expiration date for permissions on root folders.
  • (improvement) After deletion of file(s) grid is reloaded and scoll position is lost. Now grid will not be reloaded after deletion if count of items in folder is less than a page size . If count of items is more than a page size, grid will be reloaded and it will automatically scroll to the prvious element of the first removed item.
  • (improvement) Edit in MS Office menu item is available in mobile UI now. On Android devices documents can be edited and saved back transparently in native android apps (MS Word, MS Excel).
  • (improvement) Thumbnails generation: looking for cached thumbnails with different extentsions (png and jpg)
  • (improvement) For root folders file system type is checked to avoid usage of NTFS features (alternate file streams) on non-NTFS folders.
  • (fix) Issue with upload restriction list.
  • (fix) Issue with WebDAV locks when longs path support is enabled
  • (fix) Azure AD: fixed issue with wrong last access date for user in the admin panel on the Users tab.
7 Feb 2024

HTTP Commander 7.5.5 minor version release

  • (new) UI: Added new setting UseLoadMaskForGridAndTree which controls whether loading is displayed or not. Changed loading gif image in thumbnails to font rotated icon. Changed loading gif in default mask to Images/ajax-loader.gif
  • (new) Now (WebDAV) locks (used when document edited via WebDAV) are stored in the DB Locks table. It allows edit Office documents via WebDAV protocol from the folder which are located on drives with non-NTFS file system.
  • (new) Added new setting to remove inactive users : AccountDeactivateAfter - The time interval in days after which the user will be automatically deactivated if he does not authorize in the application. EnableAccountActivation setting should be enabled for the correct work of this feature. User accounts are checked once in 12 hours. When account is deactivated and the value of the AccountDeactivateAfter settings is > 0, then email notification will be sent to the user with body : ServerEmailMsgUserPendingRemovalBody and subject: ServerEmailMsgUserPendingRemovalSubject .
  • (new) Admin Panel: Added quick settings window with the list of the main features. It allows quickly enable/disable main features.
  • (new) Added 'preview' permission to the folders permissions set. With help of this new permission you can allow preview files in the app, but disable downloading. And vice versa : allow downloading and disable preview.
  • (fix) Public links: Password protected public link to file with "download or view" option did not allow to view file in browser, file was always downloaded after entering password.
  • (fix) UI: In the Public link window on the advanced params tab collapse/expand icon was not displayed on some themes.
  • (fix) Removed link to file (with download option) from the details panel when download is prohbited. Allow send links to file in the main UI when download permission is disabled.
11 Jan 2024

HTTP Commander 5.3.10 minor version release

EOS (end of support) for version 5.x is 31 Jan 2024.
  • (fix) Fixed issue with upload from mobile UI.

1 Nov 2023

HTTP Commander 7.5.4

  • (new) Added check common passwords option for Password Policy settings
  • (fix) Fixed issue with mapping WebDAV folders on MAC OS.
  • (fix) Fixed issue with sendinding public link by email from the "Shared by link" section
  • (fix) Fixed issue with scrollbar in folders tree when folders description is displayed
  • (fix) Fixed issue with color of the folders used space progess bar in Firefox
  • (fix) Fixed render of empty context menu in special root folders: Recents,
11 Oct 2023

HTTP Commander 7.5.3

  • (fix) Fixed Autodesk viewer.
  • (fix) Fixed issue with activation flag for user accounts in forms version when EnableAccountActivation=False
  • (fix) Fixed issue with CloudConvert , switched to the new API
  • (improvement) Tested and updated Shibboleth authentication, added new setting ShibbolethImpersonateUsers which allows to impersonated authenticated user when web server is joined into the same domain.
14 Sep 2023

HTTP Commander 7.5.2

  • (fix) Changed algorithm of deactivation of inactive users.
  • (fix) Fixed issue with receiving search results when search is performed "everywhere" .
  • (fix) Fixed issue with rename/move files via WebDAV when Forms + Windows users authentication is used.
  • (improvement) Change UI language without re-login. Page will be automatically reloaded when new language is selected.
  • (fix) Issue with displaying results of a delayed (long-working) file list request
  • (new) Added new column : name of the user who modified a file last time. Added ability to display the same information in the details panel : ShowUserLastModifiedInDetailsPane setting. Information is taken from the DB, following actions are taken into account: create, upload, modify, edit.
  • (new) Added "Comment" event type. Now users can subscribe to receive notifications about new comments on a file/folder.
  • (fix) Fixed issue with displaying recent records on the history tab of the details pane.
3 Aug 2023

HTTP Commander 7.5.1

  • (fix) Issue with display of the folder description in case when the value of the ViewFolderDescriptionInTree setting is set to 'AboveFolderName'
  • (fix) Fixed an issue with not working email notification field in the public link window.
  • (new) Support of the Duo Universal prompt
  • (new) Added ability to display space usage for root folders. New setting names: ShowUsedSpaceForRootFoldersInTree, ShowUsedSpaceProgressForRootFoldersInTree If quota applies to the folder, it will be taken into account. For regular folders information about disk space will be returned. Information about used space will be displayed along with the folder description, accerding to the value of the ViewFolderDescriptionInTree setting.
  • (fix) Issue with displaying root folder's names in Graphite theme in Tiles view mode.
  • (fix) Material theme dark mode issue : Search window and select input fields used to have a light background.
20 July 2023

HTTP Commander 7.5.0

Brief text description of new features.
Watch short video about new features of the version 7.5 on YouTube.
  • (new) Added Personal license support
  • (new) Added Registered (when user is self-registered users or created by the admin) system event
  • (new) IP address is now logged for all events (DB, Logs tab)
  • (new) Added an option to open file/folder location after upload. On mouse over "ok" icon is replaced with the folder icon (with tooltip) and when clicked, uploaded file is selected in the containing folder.
  • (new) Added default template for all emails sent from the application. It is header - content - footer. Added email template to "notification about file older changes" email. Templates are kept in the App_Data\EmailTemplates\ folder
  • (new) Public link to file/folder remains active when file/folder is moved in the HTTP Commander.
  • (new) Expired links are kept in the list of public links for an amount of days specified in the PublicLinkKeepExpiredLinksForDaysProp setting. It allows users to prolong expired links without changing their key/id. Expired links highlighted in the list with red color and there is a special menu/toolbar command to quickly prolong expired links for 1 year from the existing expiration date . Admins allowed to prolong links of any user, regular users allowed to prolong only their own links.
  • (new) Added an option to send files as "web links" from the "Send email" window. Option available only if public links to file / folder are allowed and if password is not required. This is a really convenient way to share files/folders with external users.
  • (new) Added setting AllowNestedSubscriptions. It allows subscribe to notifications on a child files/folders even when on a parent folder notifications has been already configured. It looks more logic because user may want to configure different notification settings on a child items. Previously all nested subscribtions were removed when user configured subscribtion on a parent folder.
  • (new) File/folder history information is stored and taken from the DB starting from this version. Previously it was stored in the NTFS alternate streams and it was a little bit confusing, because users might see different event records in the "history" tab of details panel and in "watch for modifications". Added fileHistorySource setting.
  • (new) Added paging to the history tab on the details pane. With the new DB store there can be displayed a lot of records.
  • (new) "Watch for modifications" feature renamed to "Notifications"
  • (new) Added new events counter to the Alerts tree item. Count of new events calculated from the of the last view. New events counter is displayed in the folders tree and in the grid. Added ShowNewEventsCounter setting to disable this counter if required.
  • (new) Implemented office documents preview with LibreOffice office suite installed on the server side. New settings: EnableLibreOfficeViewer, LibreOfficePath,LibreOfficeArgs,LibreOfficeThumbnailArgs,LibreOfficeUseCache
  • (new) Simplified ADFS integration process. Added ADFSMetadataUrl and EnableADFS settings
  • (new) Search results in the main grid. Added new setting SearchResultsInGrid.
  • (new) Added new setting for forms auth mode only: AccountDeactivateAfter - The time interval in days after which the user will be automatically deactivated if he does not authorize in the application. EnableAccountActivation setting should be enabled for the correct work of this feature. User accounts are checked once in 12 hours. Added appropriate checkbox field to the user edit window in the admin panel, added column to the users grid.
  • (fix) Azure AD: fixed redirect to the initially requested page (for example link to file or folder) in Azure AD.
  • (new) Added 2 settings to control who can set Label fo files/folders: Added setting AllowChangeLabelOnlyForOwner . When it set to true, only user who set label initially will be able to modify it. Added new setting AllowSetLabelOnlyForFileOwner - when set to true, only file owner is allowed to set the label. File owner is taken from from NTFS permissions for Windows auth version and from metadata for forms version. Group membership is also checked. Admins (including subadmins) are allowed to set labels on any file . If owner is empty, then anyone is allowed to set the label.
  • (new) Added storage and display of Owner info for files and folders. For all types of windows auth version (Windows, FormsWithWindowsUsers, AzureAd, ADFS), owner is taken from the NTFS permissions with native method. In case if owner name is empty, it will be read from metadata as well. For forms auth and Auth0 versions owner is always read from metadata. Information about owner is stored in metadata for newly created/uploaded files and folders. Added new 'owner' column into the DisplayedDefaultColumnsInList setting.
  • (new) Quick way to disable read of all metadatas. Added ReadFileMetadata setting: Special setting to quickly disable read of all file metadata for file list. Metadata however still can be stored and displayed in the file properties window. Setting this value to false can speedup file list loading process specially for network folders. Affects Labels, Comments, Owner Downloads counting display features.
  • (new) Admin Panel: Implemented display of the "User last access" and the "Last password change" dates. Last password change date implemented for AD, WinNT, AzureAD, Forms, Forms+Windows Users. New setting: AdminPanelShowUserLastAccess
  • (change) Azzurra and Neptune themes are discontinued now. Different theme colors available in the main theme staring from version 7.
  • (new) Added feature to try to guess file type by its contents. It is used with upload restrictions and helps to detect real file type even if it was renamed. New setting: UploadRestrictionGuessByContent
  • (new) Added ability to set common upload restrictions for all folders. Previously you have to configure it for each folder. New settings: UploadRestrictionType and UploadRestrictionList
  • (new) If you migrate to AZURE AD from on premises AS, folders permissions will be kept as well.
  • (fix) Fixed issue with AdminPanelGroupsFilter setting when group name is invalid, filter won't be applied.
  • (fix) Fixed issue with error after automatic upgrade of Azure AD version.
  • (new) Forms version: added salt setting to secure stored passwords.
  • (new) Forms version: added new setting HashUserPasswordsAlgorithm. It affects only passwords for accounts which are stored in the Accounts.xml file. For other cases like public links, MSOFBA, Digest (WebDAV), MD5 is used by default
  • (change) Added download button to the QR code.
  • (change) Added UNZIP event to the list of available events for antivirus scanning.
  • (new) Admin panel: Added tree of settings sections with search. Now it's much easier to navigate the settings.
  • (change) When search is initiated from "quick-serach" box on the to of the file list , it is perfromed only by filename. Previously it was performed by content as well.
  • (fix) Automatically update folder permissions after rename of the user/group in forms auth version.
  • (new) Redesign of the public link window. Automatic link creation at window open. Disabled browser password suggestions for password input fields. Hint for password complexity
  • (new) Added support of Cuttly and Bitly url shortener services
  • (fix) Azure AD : fixed home folder detection and impersonation for webDAV access.
  • (change) MSOFBA auth for MS Office is disabled by default.
  • (new) Implemented transparent authentication in MS Office desktop apps. Added settings: MSOfficeAutoAuth, MSOfficeAutoAuthCheckIp (true by default). When enabled , ip address will be checked and in case it does not match, MsOfficeAutoAuthFail log will be generated . It will be added to the DB one time in a minute. When ips are different , user still will be able to enter username and password.
  • (new) Azure AD SAML support
  • (new) For public links it is now possible to set password only for upload operation, while download and view operations can be performed without passsword.
  • (new) Added new setting in Public links section : ShowAllPublickLinksForAdmin. Allows administrator to see all links created by other users in the file/folder properties panel/window in the main UI. When set to true administrator will have an option to see only his own links for the file or folder or links created by all users.
  • (new) Added UploadMaxFileSize setting.
  • (new) Skipped request validation for password fields (ValidateRequestMode="Disabled")
  • (new) Added 'CreateFolder' permission
  • (fix) Fixed issue with image thumbnails caching. In some cases thumbnail was generated each time it requested, even when cached thumbnail has been already stored on the disk.
  • (change) JQuery js lib is not used anymore by HTTP Commander
28 Feb 2023

HTTP Commander 7.1.1 minor version release

  • (new) Implemented support of Azure AD GCC environments.
  • (fix) AD version: In some cases groups list was being received using a wrong method (UseUniversalWayToReadGroups setting).
31 Jan 2023

HTTP Commander 7.1.0 minor version release

  • (fix) Fixed issue with saving image file in image editor.
  • (improve) Google Sign-In JavaScript platform library will no longer be supported after March 31, 2023, therefore we migrated to the new Google Identity Services. This lib is used to sign in end user for file transfer between HTTP Commander and Google Drive and for "Edit in Google Docs" functionality.
    So if you use any of mentioned services in the HTTP Commander, please update HTTP Commander till March 31, 2023.
  • (fix) Fixed Content Security policy header value for the public links page
  • (fix) SameSite attribute of the OpenedLinks cookie is set to Lax by default.

HTTP Commander 5.3.9 minor version release

  • (improve) Google Sign-In JavaScript platform library will no longer be supported after March 31, 2023, therefore we migrated to the new Google Identity Services. This lib is used to sign in end user for file transfer between HTTP Commander and Google Drive and for "Edit in Google Docs" functionality.
    So if you use any of mentioned services in the HTTP Commander, please update HTTP Commander till March 31, 2023.
20 Dec 2022

HTTP Commander 7.0.9 minor version release

  • (fix) Fixed restart of the app when settings are first time saved after initial installtion of the app.
  • (fix) Optimized add/update/remove of comments and metadata fields.
  • (fix) Applied Content Security Policy
  • (fix) Admin panel. Restore selection and keep scroll position after edit of folder properties.
  • (fix) Email send. Sender field now can not be edited on the client side. Sender email autmatially set with the current user email address. Also HTML markup is not allowed anymore for email body . User is still able to write custom message, but only in plain text.
  • (fix) ADFS. Implemented Session invalidation.
  • (fix) Azure AD. Fixed impersonation issues for WebDAV access.
  • (fix) Azure AD. Redirect to the initially requested page after authenctication.
15 July 2022

HTTP Commander 7.0.8 minor version release

  • (fix) Improved sorting method for items in the file list
  • (fix) Fixed issue with AdminPanelGroupsFilter setting: when group name is invalid, filter won't be applied.
  • (new) Improvement: In Azure AD auth version after migration from AD version previously configured permissions on folders (in admin panel of the app) will be applied.
  • (new) Added AD service account used to get info from LDAP
  • (fix) Fixed issue with automatic upgrade of Azure AD integrated version.
  • (new) Updated third party libraries
1 July 2022

HTTP Commander 7.0.7 minor version release

  • (new) Updated third party libraries
  • (fix) Improved security of the login process for the formms login page. Now the same generic message is displayed for both cases: when user does not exist and when password is wrong. This is done to prevent "user enumeration". Message color is also the same for both cases.
  • (fix) Fixed checking of special characters for WebDAV in diagnostics
  • (new) By default disabled MSOFBA for editing in MS Office, because this auth method considered to be insecure in the latest version of the MS Office (2021)
  • (fix) Fixed problem with Windows Search, when display filter with list of extensions is set on the folder (in HTTP Commander) and this list is long enought.
  • (new) Added new hidden setting "FoldersReloadInterval" with interval to automatically reload list of folders from the Folders.xml file. It can helpful when Folders.xml file is changed outside of the application.
  • (fix) Update group/user folder permissions when group/user renamed.
  • (fix) Fixed 419 error code for upload when session is timed out
  • (new) Hide from the list of root folders folder with %HOME% pattern, if homeDirectory attribute is not set for the user.
  • (fix) When search is initiated from the quick search box on the top of the main file grid, then search will be performed only by filename. Previously search was perfmed also by content. It is made to speed-up search process when integration with Windows Search Service is not configured.
01 Feb 2022

HTTP Commander 5.3.6 and 7.0.2 minor version updates

  • (fix) Security update.

    To fix the issue you have several options, choose the most suitable for you:
    • Upgrade application to the most recent version
    • Download and execute patch utility.
    • Go through manual fix steps.

    We have prepaired a simple executable utility to fix the issue. Download it from here, put it into the application folder (default is c:\inetpub\htcomnet ) on the web server and execute. This utiliy performs search and replace of particular string in JS files of the admin panel.
    If you do not want to execute exe file, you can edit js file manually or simply perform upgrade to the most recent version.

    Here are the steps to apply fix manually without upgrade:
    1. Open HTCOMENT/Scripts/admin/[used-theme-name]/app.js file in a text editor. Where [used-theme-name] is the name of the theme specified in the StyleThemeName setting ('triton' by default for 5.x version and 'main' for version 7 ).
    2. Search for the "{more_info}"
    3. and replace it with the "{more_info:htmlEncode}"
    4. Save the file.
17 June 2021

HTTP Commander 7.0.0 major version update

Watch short video about new features of version 7 on YouTube.
  • (new) Added Authorization Rules settings. They can be used to esiesy allow/deny access for users/groups.
  • (new) Added Zip and download on the fly. No more temp files on your server!
    Also Zip/Unzip settings moved to the Zip section on the settings tab.
  • (new) Added password history for password policy settings.
  • (new) New mobile UI. It is based on the desktop UI, therefore the functionality is almost the same.
  • (new) Added new font icons.
  • (new) Default set of items on toolbar is changed. No it looks much more user friendly.
  • (new) Added setting to set color for font icons.
  • (new) JS Image editor library is replaced.
  • (new) Add/Remove to/from Favorites now much easier : can be done right from the context menu or with the special icon on the file/folder.
  • (new) New User Settings toolbar item.
  • (fix) New Dropbox JS SDK used
  • (new) Added ZipAESKeySize option for ZIP-archive with password protection
  • (new) Single quick search field is used:search is performed by name or by content (if enabled)
  • (new) Added server side filtering for the logs in the Admin panel on the logs tab and for the "Watch for modifications" window in the main UI.
    It allows to select only needed data from the logs and export them if required.
  • (new) Added new FoldersXmlPath setting to specify path to the XML file with folders list (Folders.xml).
    If value is empty (by default), then path from the 'DataFolderPath' setting and default name 'Folders.xml' will be used.
  • (new) Added view of active sessions in the Admin Panel ("Active sessions" tab).
  • (new) Added %DISPLAYNAME%, %SIMPLEUSERNAME% placeholders for folder path.
  • (new) Added separate settings for Public Links Password Policy.
  • (new) Skipped logout event logging for anonymous users
  • (new) Added setting to disable "Zip and Download" completely for all folders
  • (new) Renamed DefaultDomainName setting to the ExternalAppUrl
  • (new) Added new parameter MSOFBACookieExpirationDays to configure the authorization lifetime when editing in MS Office when using the MSOFBA Protocol
  • (fix) Fixed thumbnails generation for PDF files in thumbnails view mode.
  • (fix) Checked and updated the list of video playback files (mp4, mov, ogg, webm, 3gp, mkv, ogv, avi)
  • (fix) Removed default Client ID/Secret for Box. Now you need to configure your Box app yourself.
  • (new) Updated third party libraries
13 May 2021

HTTP Commander 5.3.5 minor version update

  • (fix) Fixed several medium and low risk security vulnerabilities including reported by the SySS GmbH (
30 April 2021

HTTP Commander 5.3.4 minor version update

  • (fix) Fixed work of Dropbox integration. Replaced JS SDK Url.
    To fix the issue without update, you will need to edit app.js file in a text editor. Here are the steps:
    1. Open HTCOMENT/Scripts/main/[used-theme-name]/app.js file in a text editor. Where [used-theme-name] is the name of the theme specified at the StyleThemeName setting (triton by default for 5.x version).
    2. Search for the ""
    3. and replace it with the ""
    4. Save the file.
  • (fix) AdminPanelGroupsFilter setting now applies also when Azure AD integration is used.
  • (new) Optimized work with Azure AD groups/users in the Admin panel.
  • (new) Added new placeholders for folder path : DISPLAYNAME, SIMPLEUSERNAME
    USERNAME placeholder will be always resolved to the username.
    DISPLAYNAME will be resolved to the display name if possible and fallback to the username.
    SIMPLEUSERNAME - will be resolved to the username without domain name prefix\postfix.
19 November 2020

HTTP Commander 5.3.3 minor version update

  • (fix) Fixed search when used combined mode "Standard search after Windows Search Services"
  • (fix) Fixed upload (chunked) of files with size > 4MB to Office 365
  • (fix) Fixed max upload size for OneDrive (added new options OneDriveUploadMaxSizeKb and OneDriveUploadChunkSizeKb)
  • (fix) Fixed retrieve of users Home Folder from AD when "Forms auth with Windows users" authentication mode is used.
  • (fix) Fixed possible overwrite of documents when they are edited in the Office 365.
18 September 2020

HTTP Commander 5.3.0 minor version update

  • (fix) Fixed an issue with the authentication popup dialog dislayed on the piblic link page when Windows authentication is used. (the problem appeared in the 5.2.5 version).
  • (new) New setting: DisableSenderEmailField. If it set to true and current user has a correct email in the profile, then sender email fieldbox in the "Send email" window will be disabled (preventing user to change sender email).
  • (new) The address book window now displays more user-friendly usernames instead of distinguished usernames.
  • (fix) Improved compliance with the WCAG 2.1 standard.
  • (fix) Now different scopes are used for "Edit in Google Docs" and "Upload/Download to/from Google docs" operations. In the first case, fewer permissions will be required, and there will be no warnings that the web application has not been verified by Google.
  • (fix) Fixed OneDrive integration in the mobile UI : corrected url to the sdk js library.
  • (fix) Fixed thumbnails view layout in the mobile ui.
  • (new) Updated third party libraries
  • (fix) Additional check of the LdapContainer setting vallue to replace backslashes (\) with slashes (/) .
  • (fix) Keep correct "impersonation" settings during automatic upgrade.
10 Jule 2020

HTTP Commander 5.2.5 minor version update

  • (fix) Fixed issue with reuse of forms auth cookies after logout.
  • (fix) Now restored web.config settings for the PublicLinkUrlPathName location during upgrade
  • (fix) Fixed change password from Default.aspx when "Forms auth with Windows users" auth mode is used
  • (new) Removed output of sensitive information from AnonymousDownload.ashx when it loaded without any parameters
  • (new) Updated third party libraries
17 April 2020

HTTP Commander 5.2.3 minor version update

  • (fix) Fixed work with Autodesk Viewer. Now you need to get your Client ID and Secret to work
  • (fix) Windows auth version: fixed thumbnails generation for video files and antivirus scanning.
  • (new) Updated third party libraries
  • (new) Added setting FixResolveRealm or Acive Directory integration. By default it set to false. Set it to true if you have issues with getting Home drive from AD profile, or when you have Domain Forest.
23 March 2020

HTTP Commander 5.2.2 minor version update

  • (new) Zip content window. Now you can open for preview files directly from the zip archive without having to unzip the file first.
  • (new) Forms auth with Windows users. Correct behavior when authorization settings are used in the web.config file to restrict access to the application.
  • (fix) Fixed issue with password protected public links. Password was not accepted, therefore users could not get access to the publicy shared files/folder. Issue is introduced by the 5.2.1 version.
    To fix the issue without update, you will need to edit web.config file in a text editor. Here are the steps:
    1. Open HTCOMENT/web.config file in a text editor.
    2. Search for the <appSettings> tag
    3. Put into this tag the following code:
      <add key="owin:AutomaticAppStartup" value="false"/>
    4. Save the file.
  • (fix) Azure AD auth. If UPN claim is missed, administrator rights assignment does not work as expected.
  • (fix) Fixed load of Users tab for first time, when this tab is first in the tabs list (when sub-admin open admin panel).
  • (fix) Fixed getting groups membership from Claims when Azure AD auth is used. Names of groups are loaded from Azure AD with additional request.
  • (fix) Fixed slow render of User groups membership window in admin panel when there are a lot of groups. The same for groups window.
  • (fix) Fixed issue with getting more than 100 groups/users from Azure AD.
  • (fix) Fixed Auth0 integration for newly created Auth0 accounts. Updated Auth0 integration instructions.
26 Feb 2020

HTTP Commander 5.2.1 minor version update

  • (new) Added Azure AD Authentication support.
  • (new) Added JavaScript based image editor.
  • (new) Added ability to export logs to XLSX file. Feature available for logs tab in admin panel and for "Watch for modifications" grid in main UI.
  • (new) Added setting to limit maximum file size allowed for download.
  • (new) Added Password Policy/Complexity settings for Forms auth version. Administrator can set complexity settings for user password: minimum and maximum length, count of upper and lowercase chars, numbers and special chars. Check of username in password. Maximum password age.
  • (new) Changed the password change scheme, added PasswordChanged log event.
  • (new) Added setting RetainLastModificationDate with default TRUE value. File last modification date will be restored on server side after upload or webDAV PropPatch request (if possible).
  • (new) Added AdminPanelGroupsFilter setting to filter groups in AdminPanel. Allow to load users only from specified groups.
  • (new) Added feature to force refresh of users/groups in admin panel (load them from Domain and not from cache) by click on the "refresh" button.
  • (new) Optimized load seed for the full list of users and groups in the admin panel. It allow to speed up to 15 times.
  • (new) Add support of "User must change password on the next logon" feature to AD version. If user able to login into application, password change window will be displayed right after logon.
  • (new) Now upload window is closed (cloud and from computer) after successful upload.
  • (new) File size is logged for more log events.
  • (update) Updated third party libraries: SQLite to 1.0.112, BoxV2 API to 3.21.0, ACE Code Editor to 1.4.7, LightGallery to 1.6.12, Auth0 LockJs to 11.18.1, Microsoft.Graph to 1.20.0, Google APIs to 1.43.0
  • (fix) Fixed timeout for DropBox and Box clouds for large files.
  • (fix) Implemented chunked download from One Drive. Avoided timeout for large files.
  • (fix) Dropped support Abode Crative Cloud Image Editor
  • (fix) Fixed view in Autodesk
  • (fix) Excluded from viewing (for download) OneNote files for OneDrive / Office 365
  • (fix) Fixed paging on Anonymous links tab in admin panel.
  • (fix) Fixed small issue with get properties (for Details Pane) and thumbnails for files when enabled long path support
20 Sep 2019

HTTP Commander 5.0.5 minor version update

  • (fix) Fixed issue with automatic conversion of Links.xml (public links) into SQLite database during upgrade from 3.x to 5.x version.
  • (update) Updated (documentaiton) instuctions of integration with OneDrive/Office365 .
05 Sep 2019

HTTP Commander 5.0.4 minor version update

  • (fix) Fixed broken integration with OneDrive, Office 365. Updated url to Javascript SDK for OneDrive/Office365 (added new parameter MsGraphJsSdkUrl in Office section)
    To fix the issue without update, you will need to edit app.js file in a text editor. Here are the steps:
    1. Open HTCOMENT/Scripts/main/[used-theme-name]/app.js file in a text editor. Where [used-theme-name] is the name of the theme specified at the StyleThemeName setting (triton by default for 5.x version).
    2. Search for the ""
    3. and replace it with the ""
    4. Save the file.
25 Feb 2019

HTTP Commander 5.0.3 minor version update

  • (new) Added the ability to specify a friendly URL path for public links (parameter PublicLinkUrlPathName) Now you will see more user friendly link. Like instead of /Handlers/AnonymousDownload.ashx
  • (new) Updated third party libraries: ExtJs to 6.7.0, Auth0 API to 5.11.0, BoxV2 API to 3.12.0, Microsoft Graph APIs to 1.13.0, Google APIs to 1.38.0, Newtonsoft.Json to 12.0.1, ACE Code Editor to 1.4.2, Auth0 LockJs to 11.12.1, Dropbox API to 4.9.3, Autodesk to 1.5.1
  • (fix) Fixed getting user display name for UI, Description
  • (fix) Fixed detection of user groups membership in the Windows version
  • (fix) Fixed checks for DomainName parameter
  • (fix) Fixed ignored relative folder path on chunked upload
  • (fix) Fixed path value for AntivirusScannerPath property
  • (fix) Fixed editing images in Pixlr and Adobe Creative Cloud (Aviary)
  • (fix) Fixed column filtes for Logs tab in Admin Panel
  • (fix) Fixed non-clickable leaf checkboxes in cloud storages upload/download windows
20 Nov 2018

HTTP Commander 5.0.2 minor version update

  • (new) Added the ability to show the 'Alerts' tab in the Details Panel at the right side (hidden setting 'HowToDisplayAlertsTabOnDetailsPane' in the UI section)
  • (new) Replaced 'Unknown file type' to '<EXTENSION_UPPER_CASE> File' for 'Type' column in file list
  • (new) Added protection against the file corruption when saving Accounts, Folders, etc..
  • (new) Added possibility to display the root folder description on the Details Pane at the right side
  • (new) Added new parameter 'ViewFolderDescriptionInTree' to configure the place of the description of the folder in the tree (Above/Below the folder name or only in the tooltip)
  • (new) Updated FileTypes.xml: added 3gp, 3g2 file types
  • (new) Updated third party libraries: Dropbox API to 4.9.2, Google APIs to 1.36.1, Microsoft.Graph API library for OneDrive to 1.12.0, BouncyCastle.Crypto to 1.8.4 (see Manual/Update.html)
  • (fix) Fixed display 'combox' field for the list of folders in the folder properties window (in Admin Panel) if the AllowedFoldersPaths and ListAllowedFoldersPaths parameters are configured
  • (fix) Fixed deletion of files from the Cloud Disk after editing them (OneDrive, Office365, Google Drive)
  • (fix) Fixed behavior when EnableOffice365Editor=true and EnableMsOfficeOnlineEditor=false
  • (fix) Fixed impersonation when flow across asynchronous points for cloud handlers (OneDrive, Dropbox, Box)
  • (fix) Fixed empty subfolders in mapped WebDAV root folder if enabled AnonymousEditingOffice
  • (fix) Fixed getting the list of folders for a drive letter if the AllowedFoldersPaths is specified and long path support is enabled (EnableSupportLongPaths=true)
  • (fix) Fixed Google TFA login in Mobile Applications
  • (fix) Fixed display field with quick search by content if disabled search by content
  • (fix) Fixed remove users/groups from tables in Admin Permissions tab
9 Oct 2018

HTTP Commander 5.0.1 minor version update

  • (new) Added opening of ZIP archives by double-clicking ('Zip Content')
  • (new) Added X-Forwarded-For header check for IP address detection (for login events)
  • (new) Added validation for parameters with HTML markup (LogoHeaderHtml, WelcomeWindowMessage, etc..)
  • (new) Added hidden parameter EnableDragNDrop (in UI section) to enable (by default) or disable drag'n'drop support of copy/move operations (etc.) between folders in the list/tree
  • (new) Updated third party libraries: SQLite to, Google APIs to 1.35.2, Poppler to 0.68 (for PDF thumbnails), Autodesk.Forge to 1.4.0, RestSharp to 106.4.2 (see Manual/Update.html)
  • (fix) Fixed view thumbnails for EPUB files
  • (fix) Fixed save advanced properties in Details Pane
  • (fix) Fixed create/navigate shortcuts (.lnk) if enabled long path support
  • (fix) Fixed view comments, labels on public file/folder page. Fixed view dates for comments, labels, details in main UI
  • (fix) Fixed crash on start a second ASP.NET application on the same pool if enabled long path support (EnableSupportLongPaths parameter in Main section).
  • (fix) Fixed view Flash Movies (.swf files) in Chrome and Safari browsers
  • (fix) Fixed view legend in Public link window (and other) for Safari 11+
  • (fix) Added support drag'n'drop upload folders for Safari 11.1+
  • (fix) Fixed visiblility of the 'Folders' button on the toolbar if the Tree with folders is disabled (TreeView=Disabled)
9 Oct 2018

HTTP Commander 4.6.6 minor version update

  • (fix) Fixed automatic upgrade to the new version (5+)
  • (fix) Fix Javascript error on first open Details window
  • (fix) Fixed Shibboleth Module for v3
  • Updated Dropbox API library to 4.9.0, SQLite SDK to, LightGallery to 1.6.11, ACE Code Editor to 1.4.1, Poppler to 0.68 (for PDF thumbnails)
21 Sept 2018

HTTP Commander 5.0.0 major version update (21 Sept 2018)

  • We moved from outdated ExtJS 3.x framework to latest ExtJS 6.x with better support of modern browsers and their features.
  • Client side UI re-written from scratch. We kept main UI concepts untouched, so users would not need to get used to new UI.
    At the same time we improved and optimized a lot of features and UI parts:
    1. We simplified Upload window. Now user should not choose between different types of uploaders, HTTP Commander will automatically use best upload method available for current browser. Flash, Java and Silverlight uploaders are removed as outdated and unsupported by most of the browsers.
    2. File properties window now contain tabs with all related data to file/folder : Comments, History, Public Links, etc
    3. Public link window have UI with tabs.
    4. New themes
    5. And more
  • Migrated to .NET Framework 4.7.2, dropped support Windows 2003, 2008 (not R2), Vista, IE 10 and below.
    Now system requirements are: Server 2008 R2 SP1 and later, IIS7.5 and later, .NET Framework 4.7.2 or above.
  • (new) Added experimental support for long paths (see advanced parameter EnableSupportLongPaths in Main section)
  • Google URL shortening service is retired. Now we use Firebase Dynamic Links.
  • (fix) Dropped support Version Control feature (check-in, check-out)
  • (new) Migrated to new Microsoft.Graph API (for upload/download/edit in OneDrive and Office 365 (OneDrive for Business))
  • (new) Migrated to Google Drive API v3 (for upload/download/edit in Google Drive)
  • (new) Updated third party libraries: SQLite SDK to, Dropbox.Api to 4.9.0, Box.V2 to 3.9.3, Auth0 APIs to 5.10.0, Trinet.Core.IO.Ntfs to 4.1.1, WindowsAPICodePack to, Autodesk Forge to 1.3.0, ACE Code Editor to 1.4.1 and LightGallery to 1.6.11
  • (new) Added Google Authenticator as Two Factor auth provider.
  • (new) Added LoginAttempt event for logging (see Main/LogEvents parameter)
  • (new) On send emails added real sender for "Reply"
  • (fix) Fixed keep Auth0 groups when pool recycled
  • (fix) Fixed Shibboleth Module for v3
  • (new) Migrated Google Analytics ga script to analytics script (parameters GoogleAnalyticsWebPropertyID and GoogleAnalyticsLoginUsersDimensionIndex)
  • (fix) Fixed auto-upgrade to feature versions
11 May 2018

HTTP Commander 4.6.5 minor version update

  • Fixed security issue of the WebDAV library.
    To apply fix without upgrade to the latest version perform following steps:
    1. Download zip archive with fixed library for appropriate build of HTTP Commander: for versions 3.0-4.5.3, for versions 4.5.3-4.6.3
    2. Open IIS management console, navigate to application pools section and stop the application pool of the HTTP Commander applicaiton.
    3. Make backup copy of the /bin folder of the HTTP Commander.
    4. Copy dll files from the downloaded zip archive into /bin folder of HTTP Commander.
    5. Start application pool.
  • (fix) Migrated from Google URL Shortener to Google Firebase Dynamic Links for create short links for public links.
  • (fix) Fixed saving the document after editing in Microsoft Office 365.
  • (fix) Fixed issue with resolve of DNS/NetBios domain and user/group names. This issue caused in soem cases problems with getting info (user home folder, groups) from AD.
  • (fix) Fixed availability of context menu items when DoubleClickAction='Select'.
  • (fix) Improved performance.
  • (fix) Fixed refresh file list after close LightGallery.
  • (fix) The menu items for creating new documents in cloud services are hidden if the folder does not have the download permissions.
  • (fix) Fixed issues with auto-upgrade to feature versions (5+).
    Version 4.6.5 or later should used to perform automatic upgrade to version 5.0 from admin panel.
  • (new) The use of the template %USERNAME_SUBSTRN_L% (and %GROUPNAME_SUBSTRN_L%) is extended to use the substring to the end of the name.
  • (fix) Ready to use the .NET Framework 4.5 and above (httpRuntime/targetFramework in Web.config file).
  • (new) Updated third party libraries: Dropbox.Api to 4.8.0, Newtonsoft.Json to 11.0.2, SQLite to 1.0.108, Trinet.Core.IO.Ntfs to 4.1.1, ACE Code Editor to 1.3.3 and LightGallery to 1.6.10.
9 Feb 2018

HTTP Commander 4.6.3 minor version update

  • Fixed issue with not working DropBox integration. To fix this issue without upgrade perform following steps:
    1. Open /scripts/main.js and /Scripts/mobile/st2/app.js file in a text editor.
    2. Search for new Dropbox(
    3. Replace it with new Dropbox.Dropbox(
    4. Save both files.
  • (fix) Fixed problem with the Dropbox cloud service in Internet Explorer
  • (fix) Fixed 'Uncaught TypeError: Dropbox is not a constructor' on download to / upload from Dropbox cloud
  • (fix) Fixed display of the user name in the log list for the 'Login' event
  • (new) Visibility of items 'Change Password', 'Change Email' in the menu 'Settings' now depends on the corresponding settings 'EnableChangePassword', 'EnableChangeEmail'
  • (fix) Fixed issue with not working option "Nothing" for DoubleClickAction setting
  • (fix) Fixed issue with "download all" button in Downlopad Window in IE when folder selected for download.
  • (new) For Standard Seach by metadata (details), a search is also added for the fields specified in DetailsFields
  • (fix) Fixed issue with data.db SQLite with UNC path (if DataFolderPath is of the form \\network\share)
  • (fix) Disabled session inactivity timeout on long upload big files
  • (fix) Replaced to localhost in logo header html setting
  • (fix) Fixed error on show details window for non-NTFS folders
  • (update) Updated code sign certificate, Java applets signed with new code sign certificate.
  • (update) Updated third party libraries: SQLite to 1.0.107, Dropbox.Api to 4.7.0, ACE Code Editor to 1.3.0 and LightGallery to 1.6.6
14 November 2017

HTTP Commander 4.6.2 minor version update

  • (fix) Fixed issue ("LiveConnect session not created" error message) with OneDrive integration (Live SDK API) for newly registered users in Microsoft Dev Console. Appropriate section of the docummentation (Manual/CloudsStorages.html#onedrive) is updated
  • (fix) Fixed public link expire date increased on each save
  • (fix) Fixed incorrect date format in public link email template and public link page
  • (new) Added new actions for double click: show public link window or show window and automatically create new public link
  • (update) Updated third party libraries: Auth0 to 2.1.1, EntityFramework to 6.2.0, SQLite to 1.0.106, ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib to
  • (update) Updated LigthGallery (for view images) to 1.6.3 version and ACE editor to 1.2.9 version
9 Oct 2017

HTTP Commander 4.6.1 minor version update

  • (fix) The editing option in ONLYOFFICE is disabled by default, because Document Server installation is required now.
  • (fix) The problem of the incorrect public link password has been fixed. Problem reproduced when public link is saved again right after creation without closing the window and without change of the password.
  • (fix) Fixed issue with mobile UI in Android 8. Loading hangs on "Loading web files access" screen .
    Below are the steps to fix the problem in earlier versions of HTTP Commander:
    1. Navigate to the HTCOMENT/Scripts/mobile/st2/ folder
    2. Make a backup copy of app.js file.
    3. Open app.js file in a text editor
    4. Search for if(p.match(/OPR/))
    5. and replace with if(k!=="ChromeMobile"&&p.match(/OPR/))
    6. Save app.js file, clear browser cache and test on mobile device.
  • (fix) Fixed ffprobe obtaining duration of video for receiving a thumbnail
  • (fix) Fixed issue with rename in detailed view when name column is hidden or not at zero index in the columns list.
29 August 2017

HTTP Commander 4.6.0 minor version update

  • (new) Added support Auth0 SSO & Token Based Authentication (see Manual/auth0.html)
  • (new) Added support for editing office documents (including collaborative editing) with ONLYOFFICE
  • (new) Added ability to view thumbnails of video, audio (album cover), PDF, exe, MS Office, files (And additional settings for the thumbnails in the 'Thumbnails' section)
  • (new) New image viewer for pictures (and HTML5 videos) preview used in user interface (see UI/ImageViewer parameter, now LightGallery used by default)
  • (new) Added EPUB e-book reader (parameter Office/EnableEBookReader)
  • (new) Added DjVu Viewer (parameter Office/EnableDjVuViewer)
  • (new) For users, it is possible to select the default action by double clicking on each file type (if the parameter DoubleClickAction is set to "Choose")
  • (new) Added the ability to use custom login pages (with examples in manual), using authentication with POST requests (only for Forms version)
  • (new) Added possibility to disable WebDAV mapping (and editing in Office) in folder properties for users/groups (with new permission checkbox 'WebDAV')
  • (new) Added the ability to preview images by clicking on the thumbnail in the Details Pane on right side
  • (new) Added the ability to select multiple files in the list (or thumbnails view mode) with the mouse (drag selection)
  • (new) Added the ability to use email templates when sending public links. See Manual/Branding.html#publicemailbranding
  • (new) Added Chrome extension ( for download multiply files with restoring folder structure
  • (new) Added the ability for administrators to unlock files locked by other users when editing by the WebDAV client (MS Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice)
  • (new) Added the ability to see who locked the file when editing by the WebDAV client (parameter UI/ShowUserNameWhenLockedByWebdavClient)
  • (new) More user-friendly error messages when changing the password by the user
  • (new) Added the ability to display the expiration date of a link on the public links page (see PublicLinks/ShowExpirationDateForPublicLink parameter)
  • (new) Added size field for log events (with downloaded/uploaded/... file sizes)
  • (new) Add support %USEREMAIL% and %USERID% (Auth0 Identifier or SID for Windows users) pattern for folder path
  • (new) Added use of the new Box View API. Now you can view even more file extensions
  • (fix) The problem of the incorrect public link password has been fixed, if it is changed without closing the window
  • (fix) Fixed error when view in Autodesk
  • (fix) Added columns 'customField' to the grids with folders/users/groups in the Admin Panel, if the 'ShowAdminPanelCustomFields' is enabled
  • (fix) Fixed error 'Conversion utility terminate abnormally', if during video conversion, DAR is not defined (Display Aspect Ratio = 0), or Bitrate is negative
  • (fix) The installer has been fixed if there are no sites in IIS
  • (fix) Fixed behavior when counting downloads of public links
  • (fix) The correct filtering (on the server side) was done when viewing events in Alerts (Watch for modifications) and in the Admin Panel (Logs)
  • (fix) Fixed incorrect behavior when expanding first tree node at login, if it's specified TreeView=NotAutoExpandable and AutoOpenFirstFolder=true
  • (fix) Java applets signed with new sign algorithm to make them compatible with Java 8 u131
  • (fix) Fixed view date format in Details Pane on right side
  • (fix) Fixed error on save documents in Zoho
  • (fix) Fixed incorrect display of file size > 2Gb in WebDAV folders
2 May 2017

HTTP Commander 4.5.2 minor version update

  • (fix) Fixed issue with upload from cloud storages (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Office365) to the HTTP Commander folder (only when it was added to the HTTP Commander as a network folder).
23 March 2017

HTTP Commander 4.5.1 minor version update

  • (new) Added the ability to upload files over 2GB on the Drag'N'Drop uploader tab
  • (new) Added support for uploading folders in Firefox 45+ on the 'Standrad' tab
  • (new) Updated third party library Dropbox.Api to 4.2.4 version
  • (new) Updated third party library Newtonsoft.Json to 10.0.1 version
  • (fix) Fixed a problem with chunked upload in the latest versions of Firefox 52+
  • (fix) Fixed freezing of the Drag'N'Drop uploader interface when uploading a large number of files in Firefox, Edge
  • (fix) Fixed background cleaning of the Recycle Bin
  • (fix) Fixed resetting the field for chunked upload (> 2Gb) on the Standard tab, when the Upload window is closed
  • (fix) Fixed Drag'N'Drop folder uploading in Microsoft Edge
  • (fix) Fixed folder highlighting in Thumbnails mode when Drag'N'Drop for upload
10 March 2017

HTTP Commander 4.5.0 minor version update

  • (new) Added details pane on the right of the file list. It contain extended properties info about selected file or folder; description, readme.txt content for folder; an opportunity to change the main properties (Title, Subject, Tags, Category, Comments, Authors) for files
  • (new) Added Trash feature. Move deleted files, folders to the Recycle Bin (see the "Trash" section in the AdminPanel Settings tab)
  • (new) Added Recents feature (when files created, viewed, edited, downloaded, uploaded).
  • (new) Added feature 'Copy to...' ( 'Move to...', 'Unzip to...'): select the folder in the dialog box, which will be copied (moved, unpacked) the selected files (see setting CopyMoveToDisplayMode in UI group)
  • (new) Added possibility to watch for modifications on files, folders for users, with notification by email (parameter AllowUsersWatchModifications in UI section)
  • (new) Added tab 'Upgrade' to Admin Panel for backup, download and install new version of HTTP Commander
  • (new) Addes support of Windows Search Service for search files/folders and contents in files (full-text search) (see Manual\WindowsSearch.html), added quick seach field in grid header
  • (new) Added possibility to view public links shared for current user (including links he opened in browser)
  • (new) Added possibility to limit access to public links for specified users
  • (new) Added possibility to open Public Links in main files grid from tree (new item 'Shared by link' in tree)
  • (new) Added 2-factor authentication support. DUO security auth provider added.
  • (new) Changed UI of public page and added labels, description and comments to public link page for files and folders
  • (new) If 'Labels' column is hidden, reading of all metadata streams is skipped to increase loading speed of folders content
  • (new) Added the ability to select and position on the file in a page with the public folder (using #hash)
  • (new) Added sorting for columns on public folder page
  • (new) Added setting to limit maximum allowed validity period for public links (hidden parameter PublicLinkMaximumAllowedValidityPeriod in PublicLinks group)
  • (new) Added share public links with QR Code (in create Public Link window: button 'Send via..' -> 'QR code')
  • (new) Added share authorized and public links to files/folders by GMail, Outlook, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (in Public Link window and Send Email window)
  • (new) Added new parameters in UI section LoginFormHeaderLogoUrl, LoginFormHeaderHtml for headers of login/register/change email/recover password/recover name forms
  • (new) Added a possibility to add users into groups right from user properties window in Admin Panel
  • (new) Added integration with Adobe Creative Cloud Online Image Editor (Aviary) for edit images (see parameter EnableAdobeOnlineImageEditor in Office section)
  • (new) Dropped support for OAuth v1 and API v1 for Drobpox. Now only OAuth v2 and API v2 used (surely read Manual\Update.html)
  • (new) Added possibility to notify admins about new user registration (only for Forms version and if enabled Main\EnableAnonymRegister; see hidden parameter EmailsToNotifyAdminsAboutUserRegistration in Main section)
  • (new) File list columns ordering and sorting stored in cookies
  • (new) Added links for view in Google Docs and Microsoft Office Web Apps for files in public folder
  • (new) Now the Favorites folders stored on the server and accessible from anywhere
  • (new) Added possibility to search files in grid by keypress
  • (new) Added possibility paste and upload copied to clipboard screenshot or image, to Drag&Drop upload panel for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera (also for Firefox - you can paste copied files from OS; see also parameters AllowPasteImagesFromClipboard and EnableDnDUploader in UploadDownload section of Settings tab in Admin Panel)
  • (fix) More strict checks for subadministrators are added
  • (new) Added possibility to log events of creation of public link to file/folder. See parameter LogEvents in UI section (added CreatePublic event)
  • (new) Allowed view as text file, view in MS Office, view in OpenOffice/LibreOffice without modify permission
  • (fix) Fixed copy to clipboard
  • (fix) Fixed video streaming via public links
  • (fix) Mobile UI: Chrome browser on Android devices. Fixed issue with page reload when file list is scrolled up.
  • (new) Tested integration with ADFS services. Integration instructions added to manual of AD version.
13 September 2016

HTTP Commander 4.0.8 minor version update

  • (new) Added possibility to upload folders structure (include empty folders) in 'Drag and Drop' upload tab for Chomium based browsers
  • (new) Improved support of collaborative edit in desktop Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint 2007-2016, Excel not supported): Now there is support for collaborative editing of documents with backlight changes by other users and conflict resolution
  • (new) Added option PublicLinkDefaultLifeTimeForView to set the lifetime of public links to view in Google Docs, Owa, Edit in Zoho, PiXlr, etc..
  • (new) Added parse of email separated by a , ; or | when you insert a field in the box, sending emails
  • (fix) Fixed problem with save documents after edit in Microsoft Office365 Online Editor
  • (new) Added recover user name via email in Forms version (see EnableUserNameRecovery)
28 June 2016

HTTP Commander 4.0.0 major version update

HTTP Commander 4.0.0 major version update ( 28 June 2016)

  • (new) Added new features to create/edit office documents in services: Google Drive / MS Office Online / MS Office365
  • (new) Added Office Form Based Authentication (parameter UseMSOFBAwithMSOffice) for editing documents in Microsoft Office desktop applications (
  • (new) New UI for Login page in Forms version
  • (new) View documents in Google, MS Office Web Apps, Box, ShareCad, Edit in Zoho, Pixlr using just one click
  • (new) Better support for Microsoft Edge (include drag-n-drop feature), Windows 10, Windows Server 2016
  • (new) Added support to view AutoCAD files in A360 Autodesk Online Viewer
  • (new) Added feature for manage (add, change, remove) files/folder comments (using details possibility)
  • (new) Added feature for labelling files/folder
  • (new) Added new themes for UI: Azzurra (with predefined colours: black, blue, gray, green, orange, red)
  • (new) Added badge info about copy/cut files/folders quantity for Paste, Paste into buttons in toolbars and context menu
  • (new) Added ACE code editor ( for text files (with highlights syntax, collapse blocks, wrap, ...)
  • (new) Updated libraries for play audio/video files in browser
  • (new) New schema to open office documents in MS Office destkop applications. Without applets and plugins.
  • (new) Support for Windows Phone 10 mobile interface
  • (new) Updated third party libraries (include Newtonsoft.Json. Important! See Manual/Update.html)
  • (fix) Dropped support for old SkyDrive API (used Passport.NET authentication protocol). Now OneDrive feature needs to set LiveConnectAppClientID parameter (UseNewSkyDriveAPI parameter removed)
  • (new) Added sorting in lists of files for Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive for Business (download to / upload from windows): first by folders, than - titles
  • (new) Added new parameter ZipUnicodeFileNames (by default true) for correct Zip/Unzip archives
  • (fix) Dropped support of OfficeLauncher applet (open documents in OpenOffice/LibreOffice/MS Office).
  • (new) Added new parameter TemporaryFolder (in main section) to store temporary files (thumbnails, zip download, video conversion, etc..)
  • (new) Added 'Copy to clipboard' icon for fields with links (to file/folder, public links, etc...)
  • (fix) Fix blocking ajax requests while download files
  • (new) File list columns visibility and widths now stored in cookies
  • (fix) Faster listing folders via WebDAV in Windows version
  • (new) Updated manuals (include integration with cloud storages, WebDav Synchronization programs (for example CyberDuck))
  • (new) Added new Zoho Show Editor formats: pptx, ppsx
  • (new) Added additional field while upload files
  • (new) Added account activation feature.
  • (new) Added support of ShareCad online service
  • (fix) Correct error message when there are completely no right to a folder
  • (fix) Wrong symbols in username after lougout when Windows auth used in EDGE browser
4 January 2016

HTTP Commander 3.2.0 minor version update

  • Java applets used in HTTP Commander for file upload/download and to launch MS Office/OpenOffice now has new 256bit code sign certificate up to December 2017. Updated files stored in Uploaders\ folder.
1 August 2015

HTTP Commander 3.2.0 minor version update

  • Tested in Windows Server 2016
  • Tested in Windows 10
  • Tested in Office 2016 (beta)
  • Tested in Microsoft Edge browser (Project Spartan) and latest IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera
  • new feature: converting files using CloundConvert service (View / Edit -> Convert with CloudConvert)
  • new feature: viewing office documents in Box Viewer (View / Edit -> View in Box)
  • (update)Updated API for, OneDrive
  • (new) For Windows Basic authenctication version now it is possible to set session timeout (auto logout after inactivity). Parameter "EnableAutoLogoutWhenSessionTimedOut"
  • (new)Added new 10 languages (UI localization)
  • (new) added 'Download all' button for start automatically download of all files from list ('Downloading of multiple files' window). Aslo in Chrome browsers you can drag file link for downloading.
  • (fix) Fixed problem with stop uploading at 'Drag and drop' tab in 'Uploading of multiple files' window
  • (fix) Support is dropped and disabled for Java & Silverlight Uploaders (also Java Download, Office Launcher) in Chrome 42+ (also chromium 42+ based browsers), Microsoft Edge (Project Spartan in Windows 10). See:
  • (new) Added branding parameter for page with public links or public folder (PublicLinkLogoHeaderHtml)
  • (fix) Fixed problem with download anonymous folder as ZIP archive
  • (new) Added show expired anonymous links in Admin Panel
  • (fix) Fix for correct work in OS with enabled FIPS policy
  • (fix) Fixed issue with not working Mobile UI in Chrome 43+ browsers
18 February 2015

HTTP Commander 3.1.19 minor version update

  • (new) For Upload/Modify/Create email notifications added links to files in email body
21 January 2015

HTTP Commander 3.1.17 minor version update

  • (new) Added new parameter 'ZohoNoExport' in 'Office' section for disallow 'Export As..' functionality while editing document in Zoho Editor
12 August 2014

HTTP Commander 3.1.16 minor version update

  • (new) Added HTML5 chunked upload in 'Standard' upload tab (Text with '> 2GB' label shown if browser supports HTML5 upload.)
  • (fix) Minor security fixes (Thanks to SecLab for testing).
  • (fix) Updated Microsoft APIs for OneDrive for Business cloud service.
  • (fix) Hidden trashed files/folders from Google Drive list (Upload from/Download to Google Drive feature)
  • (new) For Email Notifications added new events: Created and Deleted files/folders, Created public link for file/folder (see EmailNotification section in settings)
7 October 2014

HTTP Commander 3.1.15 minor version update

  • (new) Parameters TreeView, HideTree, DefaultGridView added for handling from query string in Default.aspx page (see Manual/faq.html#settingsurl)
  • (new) HTTP Commander tested on Windows 10 Server Technical Preview and Windows 10 Technical Preview (IE, WebDAV)
  • (new) In HTTP Commander with Forms Authentication method added new parameter PossibleAuthForWebDAV (instead of UseOnlyBasicAuthForWebDAV parameter). Required to configure authentication method (only Basic, only Digest or both Basic and Digest; by default using only Basic authentication) for WebDAV mapping or edit in Office feature.
  • (new) Added parameter TplForAddUserNameToDisplaySenderNameWhenSendEmail to customize Display Name for sender when "Send Email" feature used.
  • (new) Updated Dropbox Javascript SDK from 1.1 to 1.2
  • (fix) Fixed problem with WebDAV for folders containing '#' symbols in path
  • (fix) Added support to map webfolders without '0' suffix in path if disabled AnonymousEditingOffice parameter (if enabled - '0'/'1' suffixes required)
  • (new) Added 'Favorites' toolbar button for quick access to favorites folders (see ToolbarButtons1 or ToolbarButtons2 settings in UI section)
  • (new) Added parameter ExpandSettingsWhenOpenCreatePublicLinkWindow (in UI section) to expand/collapse settings in "create public link" window
  • (new) Added support to open Google Docs file types (.gdoc, .gsheet, .gslides, etc...) in Google Drive (see hidden parameter GoogleDriveFileTypes in Office section)
  • (fix) Fixed problem in mobile UI with the redirection directly to the folder
  • (fix) Fixed problem with limit of files when Drag'N'Drop folder upload used in Chrome
  • (new) Added parameter ShowPublicLinksForView (UI section) to view documents provided by publick link
  • (new) Added additional check to Diagnostics page (for WebDAV and others)
  • (fix) Fixed problem in OneDrive for Business support
30 June 2014

HTTP Commander 3.1.8 minor version update

  • (new) UI professional(human) translation to Spanish, German, Italian, French, Russian languages. User help files are also translated.
  • (new) Added integration with OneDrive for Business (beta)
  • (new) Support Drag'n'drop uploader for Safari 5+
  • (new) Added second link to file (in context menu 'Share->Link to File/Folder'): this link opens the folder with the file and highlights it
  • (new) Added ability to set default order and size of columns in detailed view (see DisplayedDefaultColumnsInList option in Admin Panel Settings tab)
  • (new) Nw column "downloads" with the number of downloads (not visible by default, see settings DisplayedDefaultColumnsInList and EnableDownloadsCounting in Admin Panel)
  • (new) Added impersonation owner when viewing public network folders. This is applicable only for Basic Authentication at IIS (Windows and Forms with Windows user authentication at HTTP Commander).
  • (fix) Fixed problem with stop upload (on Standard tab) in Internet Explorer 11
  • (fix) Fixed problem with download to OneDrive: The access token doesn't have correct permission for the resource. The access token must include one of the following scopes: 'wl.skydrive_update'
  • (fix) Fixed problem when saving images from Pixlr ('working, please wait...' message) - now used by default GET request method for saving (see UseGETMethodWhenSavingPixlrImages parameter in Admin Panel)
  • (fix) Fixed WriteIIS7ConfigChanges error 0x800700b7 (Failed add isapiCgiRestriction element) when installing HTTP Commander using Setup Wizard in Windows Server 2012
  • (fix) Some security bug fixes
  • (fix) Fixed problem when copy/move and paste files/folders from/to network location (path started with '\\')
  • (fix) Fixed problem with download to Box, when disabled dowload to Dropbox feature
  • (fix) Increased time for search queries
  • (fix) Fixed problem when opening a Shortcut (.LNK files) links with network target paths
  • (fix) Fixed logout from iOS in Windows version
  • (fix) Fixed problem (403 error) with download public links created for view in Google Docs or OWA, or edit in Zoho or Pixlr
  • (fix) Fixed bug in interface with download to Google Drive root folder
12 May 2014

HTTP Commander 3.0.0 major version update

  • (new) Completely new Mobile UI containing almost all of features of standard web UI. Interface is different for Android, iOS, Windows Phone OS but features are the same.
  • (new) New SVG icons for main UI and admin panel. Icons looks great in both small or large (thumbnail) modes
  • (new) cloud storage support.
  • (fix) Integration of Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive is improved. OAuth2 authentication support.
  • (new) Added possibility to upload folders for Chrome-based browsers
  • (new) Reordering of context menu. New items in menu
  • (new) View in Office Web Apps feature. Allows to see some kind of files online using only browser.
  • (new) Added support Office Web Apps Server for view Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) from HTTPCommander in browser
  • (new) Back, forward, resent folders controls on toolbar
  • (new) Added alpha release of Antivirus Scanning functionality (tested with BitDefender for Windows Servers 3.5)
  • (fix) Integration with OWA Exchange 2010 SP3 is checked. HCOwaPremiumIntegration.js is fixed
  • (fix) Fixed issue with AdBlock extension in Chrome browser (blank screen after login).
  • (new) Internet Explorer 11 support tested. Work in Windows 8.1 (Blue) and Windows Server 2012 (IIS 8.5) tested
  • (fix) Different minor bug fixes
  • (new) Different minor improvements in existing features.
11 December 2013

HTTP Commander 2.0.10 minor version update

  • Installation Wizard
  • Updated and signed Java files (JavaPowUpload.jar, OfficeLauncher.jar) up to 2016 year
  • Updated third-party libraries (Google GData, Newtonsotf.Json)
  • Fixed Zoho Editor under SSL
22 November 2013

HTTP Commander 2.0.9 minor version update

  • Fixed bug at Simple Upload in Chrome (versions after November 2013) and IEx64
  • Fixed bug with invalid size in anonymous folder view
2 Jule 2013

HTTP Commander 2.0.5 minor version update

  • Added new hidden parameter - SmtpNetworkEnableSsl=true|false (default "false"). Specifies whether SSL is used to access an SMTP mail server
  • Added new file types for edit in Pixlr - jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, psd, pxd
  • Removed support of zoho-viewer (Zoho Viewer API discontinued)
  • Added new field 'Sender email' in 'Send Email' window for specifying of sender mail
  • Added 2 new parameters (ShowFileMarkWhenLockedByWebdavClient, ShowFileMarkWhenExistsDetails) to show 'locked' and 'details' icons
  • Different minor fixes
14 June 2013

HTTP Commander 2.0.4 minor version update

  • Subadmins users (admins with limited permissions)
  • All content menu items can be added as toolbar buttons
  • Added links to folders (if selected) in Send Email feature
  • Added to Admin Panel (Misc tab) utility to load mapped drives from Group Policy
  • Read and write data files in Data folder under application pool identity. The former version of application used the current user identity.
  • Inline view .swf files (flash movies)
  • Enhance workaround for logout problem in Windows authentication mode
  • Different minor fixes
18 January 2013

HTTP Commander 2.0.3 minor version update

  • Added new parameters "RequirePasswordOnCreatePublicLink", "PublicLinkDefaultValidPeriod"
  • Different minor fixes
18 December 2012

HTTP Commander 2.0.2 minor version update

  • Support LDAP with SSL for ldapContainer (LDAPS://:636)
  • Feature to maximize user interface to full screen or exit full screen in iframe mode and DIV mode.
  • Different minor fixes
24 November 2012

HTTP Commander 2.0.1 minor version update

  • Forms authentication version now has disabled impersonation for Handlers\anonymousdownload.ashx by default i.e work under application identity user by default. This user can be changed at IIS settings.
  • Different minor fixes
7 Nov 2012

HTTP Commander 2.0 major version update

Main changes:
  • Mobile application for iOS(iPhone, iPad) and Android mobile devices
  • IE 9 and 10 support and other latest browsers
  • Windows Server 2012 and IIS 8 support
  • Windows 8 client side support
  • Office 2013 tested and some problems fixed
  • .NET framework 4.5 tested
  • Webdav support for iOS Pages application, Android ES file manager
  • WebDav for Mac users fixed
  • Disk quota support (Windows authentication version)
  • Web and local folders sync (using WebDAV)
  • Password for zip/unzip
  • Maximum size limit and comression ration for zipping
  • Color themes for user interface
  • 2nd toolbar + large icons
  • Shortcuts (Symbolic links) creation and support
  • *.url support
  • SkyDrive new API support
  • Multiple files upload for IE 10 browser
  • Uploaders order parameter
  • OWA and SharePoint integration
  • SSO examples
  • New file types support for Google Docs.
  • Google Drive integration
  • Short URL for public links
  • LibreOfffice support
  • Correct Windows authentication termination in Firefox, Chrome browsers.
  • Improved User Manual
  • Different fixes in Java, Flash, Silverlight uploaders
  • Some special symbols and long paths support for WebADav
  • Different minor fixes
01 March 2012

HTTP Commander 1.7 minor version update

Main changes:
  • Public links feature improved (Administrator or users can create links to folders that dont requires authentication. Anonymous users can view content, download or upload files)
  • Video and audio files online play (in both standard and mobile UI)
  • Online convertor for video files
  • Mobile UI now allows to upload files from iOS device (iPhone, iPad)
  • Upload from DropBox
  • Different minor fixes

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed bug in SkyDrive feature (user logon)
  • Fixed bug in downloading some files at mobile UI for Adroid devices
11 Oct 2011

HTTP Commander 1.6.2 minor version update

Main changes:
  • Integration with SkyDrive (Microsoft Live) - allows users to uplod/download documents and then edit via Microsoft Web Apps (Online Office). Desktop MS Office also allows to upload/download/edit documents at the SkyDrive accounts.
  • Multiple images preview with slideshow
  • Multiple files download to DropBox

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed: Corruption of files if online editing used (Application added some wrong symbols to the end of file if modified file is less then original. MS Office can restore such files. After editing the document in version 1.6.2 file will be corrected also.)
  • Fixed: If admin adds few groups with default permissions once then only one group is added.
  • Google Doc viewer now supports DOCX format.
30 August 2011

HTTP Commander 1.6.1 minor version update

Main changes:
  • Integration for Novell EDirectory
  • Public links to files and folders (Users can share own files/folders without authentication needed)
  • Bulk email sending. Now users can send email to whole groups
  • View ZIP content and only some files extracting
  • Drag-n-drop files to ZIP archive
  • Opening specified folder in URL. “Default.aspx?folder=foldername”
  • Folders order change at admin panel (by drag-n-drop)
  • Files modifications history
  • Localization files editor at Admin panel
  • Minor fixes for iPad (Full version): Help window can be scrolled now.
  • Fixed problem with file date modification change after any metadata changes.
08 Jule 2011

HTTP Commander 1.6 minor version update

Admin panel changes:
  • 100% web user interface to modify application settings. Now most settings stored in the file HttpCommanderSettings.config
  • Restart application button
  • Improved application diagnostics. Download diagnostics output as HTML file feature
  • /adminstart.aspx page with all links at one page
  • In windows authentication version it is possible to specify domain name like "DomainName\Username" if multiple domains used.
Mobile version changes:
  • Viewing most office files via online Google Docs and Zoho services
  • Download and opening of files now works at the new page (to prevent back clicks to return)
Main interface changes:
  • Files Version control: the feature to check-in and check-out files and save different versions of single file. Versions of files stored to the ".Versions" subfolder inside parent folder.
  • Details dialog now also shows file full size, attributes, dates, download counts. Also comments available.
  • Drag-n-drop multiple files to the main interface for upload (Works in Firefox, Chrome browsers)
  • Drag-n-drop files for copy and move inside main interface or inside folders tree
  • Feature to save current location to "Favorites".
  • Files list with pages (500 items per page be default). This makes application faster for folders with items count >500.
  • Search by file details (metadata)
  • Java uploader for Windows authentication version (Multiple files and folders uploading)
19 April 2011

HTTP Commander 1.5.1 minor version update

    New browsers support
    • Application works success with new Internet Explorer 9, FireFox 4, Chrome 10. Old browsers (even IE 6) also supported
    Mobile version for smartphones and touchpads
    • 100% mobile interface for most smartphones and touchpads.
    Integration with MS Office and
    • Users can edit documents via desktop MS Office and application online i.e don't need to download file and then upload it back to the server.
    • All documents, spreadsheets, presentations and image fils types are supported.
    WebDav support
    • Users can map their web folders to own OS and then work with files online via Windows Explorer only like with local file system. All folders can be mapped via single URL (like "http://server/application/hcwebdav/").
    • Mobile users (smartphones) also can use WebDav clients and map folder.
    • Editing office documents works online i.e data will be send to the server.
    Integration with Google Doc and Zoho online documents store and edit services
    • Users can view some documents, spreadsheets, presentations and image fils types using browser via Google Doc or Zoho service.
    Integration with
    • Users can upload files to own account (popular file share, sync and storage service)
    Uploading from URL to the server (files can be stored at ftp, http servers, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket and other sites)
    • Users can upload files by typing its URL. Services like Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, DropBox offers direct links to file. FTP servers is also supported
    Logs feature
    • Administrator can look users activity logs at admin panel
    Email notification feature
    • Users can get email if file modified or created by somebody
    Drag-n-drop and multiple files uploading for FireFox and Chrome browsers without extra plugins
    • Users can drag-n-drop files to HTTP Commander interface or select multiple files if they have FireFox or Chrome browser (70%)
    Users self registration
    • Users can sign-up, change their password and email.
    Thumbnails view
    • Users can view individual files thumbnails or change whole list view ("detailed" or "thumbnails").
  • [FIXED]
    • Fixed: Slow work if remote shares used.
  • 2010
    13 August 2010

    HTTP Commander 1.0 major version update

    Full application rebuild. Now it is 100% AJAX and JavaScript
    AJAX and JavaScript Interface:
    • Fully AJAX: very fast and needs small traffic: Each request/response to the server is ~1 KB size.
    • JavaScript interface: no new browser windows, dialogs or frames
    • "Loading" progress bar while first initialization. Then all scripts saved in browser cache and application loads quickly
    • Interface is auto-resizable to any dimensions of browser window or iframe.
    Multiple files and folders uploaders:
    • Classic files uploading via Form.
    • Flash multiple files uploader with images preview, progress bar and other features.
    • Java multiple files and folders uploader applet. Images preview, progress bar, very large files (more than 2 GB), resumable upload features are available.
    • Silverlight multiple files uploader: Flash-like uploader but supports Windows authentication. Advanced features: Resumable upload, very large files upload, Images preview, progress bar.
    Files and folders download features:
    • Select folders and multiple files for download one by one. Resumable download is supported.
    • "Zip and download" feature: auto archiving selected folders and files and download at zip file.
    • Java multiple files and folders download applet. Resumable download is supported.
    Integration to any site and CMS:
    • IFRAME mode to embed HTTP Commander to any page of the site by one line of code. Site can be Unix or Window, PHP or ASP.NET or clear HTML.
    • Open source login and logout pages. Now it is possibe to modify authentication code.
    • Possibility to pass user name and password at the URL to skip authentication
    New main interface:
    • Fully collapsible tree and root folders view
    • Files and folders grid view: each field can be resized, hidden or sort selected.
    • Customizable toolbar with drop-down menus.
    • Context menu.
    New admin panel:
    • Online folders setup
    • Easy interface with online help
    • XML based database. Can be edited also manually at Notepad.
    • Diagnostics feature: shows application identity, user folders, .NET framework installed, IIS and OS version.
    Main files and folders actions:
    • Create, copy, cut, paste, delete, rename
    • Search
    • View some types at the browser: images, PDF, Word documents
    • Zip files and folders at server side for fast and multiple download.
    • UnZip files and folders at server side for fast upload.
    Forms and Windows authentication:
    • Forms authentication: users need to be created at HTTP Commander database
    • Windows authentication: application uses existing Windows server users or Active Directory users.
    • New! Supports Forms authentication for Windows users. No Windows authentication needed.
    • Possibility to disable any authentication: provides access for everybody.
    Other features:
    • Cross browser and cross platforms interface: tested at Windows and Mac, Internet Explorer 6+, Opera 9+ (PC, Mac), Chrome 3+, Mozilla/Firefox 1.5+, Safari 3+
    • HTTS (SSL) supports
    • Errors occured log at XML.
    29 April 2010

    HTTP Commander non-AJS version minor version update

      • Running at Windows 2003 and 2008 64-bit tested.
      • Application requires .NET 2.0 or 3.5
      • IIS 7.5 tested.
      • Flash uploader now supports all browsers and SSL.
      • Web.config by default supports IIS 7 and 7.5.
      • Standard and for Windows Users (Active Directory version) now diffes only at web.config files. All code and documentation is common. Any version can be changed to another by replacing web.config file. Default web.config files included to Default_Web.configs/ folder.
    • [FIXED]
      • Bug: Response 401 while logout at Standard version. Now it returns 200 OK.
      • Bug fixed: Error while download of files with some regional specific symbols.
      • Bug while file download at the search window.
      • Bug "Page cannon be displayed" while folders setup of admin panel if not anought permissions set.
      • Wrong count of delimiter symbols "|" nor impossible to add at admin panel while folders edit.
      • Built-in ASP.NET upload class now used instead of our upload control. Starting .NET 2.0 it supports up to 2 GB files without memory leak.
      • Error 401 now returned while logout (Windows users version) to terminate Windows authentication. So user don't need to close his browser to terminate Windows authentication
    • [ADDED]
      • New Documentation. All files and sections at the single window.
      • Personal version discontinued.
      • License types now based on users count.
      • Prices for Standard and Windows users version are the same.
    2002 - first release of HTTP Commander