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What is Auth0?

Auth0 is an enterprise-grade platform for modern identity. It provides full stack of authentication, authorization and user management features you ever may need for! With Auth0 you have all user accounts stored in one place and any application can be configured to authenticate with it.
Auth0 offers free plan which may suite basic needs (up to 7000 active users, several social providers and more).

How does it integrates with HTTP Commander?

Starting from version 4.6 HTTP Commander can be configured to use Auth0 authentication. It is best option if you already use Auth0 in your organisation or if you use your custom database and want to use the same user accounts in HTTP Commander.
For detailed instructions about configuration of Auth0 integration with HTTP Commander please read documentation.

Here are some benefits of the Auth0 authentication in HTTP Commander:

Identity Providers Supported by Auth0

What is not working with Auth0?

When auth0 is used as authentication provider, some of the HTTP Commander features would not work :
Check the demo online