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AJS 1.7 minor version update (latest built 01.03.2012)

Main changes:

AJS 1.6.1 minor version update (latest built 30.08.2011)

Main changes:

AJS 1.6 minor version update (latest built 08.07.2011)

Admin panel changes: Mobile version changes: Main interface changes:

AJS 1.5.1 minor version update with many new features (latest built 19.04.2011)

    New browsers support Mobile version for smartphones and touchpads Integration with MS Office and WebDav support Integration with Google Doc and Zoho online documents store and edit services Integration with Uploading from URL to the server (files can be stored at ftp, http servers, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket and other sites) Logs feature Email notification feature Drag-n-drop and multiple files uploading for FireFox and Chrome browsers without extra plugins Users self registration Thumbnails view
  • [FIXED]

    AJS 1.0 major release (latest built 13.08.2010)

    Full application rebuild. Now it is 100% AJAX and JavaScript
    AJAX and JavaScript Interface: Multiple files and folders uploaders: Files and folders download features: Integration to any site and CMS: New main interface: New admin panel:
  • Main files and folders actions: Forms and Windows authentication: Other features:

    Previous non-AJAX version minor release (latest built 29.04.2010)

  • [FIXED]
  • [ADDED]