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Licensing information

License types based on "Single server"

Our licenses that include the word "server" in their names are based on quantity of physical servers.
A license type depends on the quantity of physical servers where the web sites with the product are situated.
The word "server" means one physical server where unlimited quantity of web sites are situated or which has several domains.
For development and testing the product on servers, one can use a trial version and the same commercial license purchased for production server, i.e. clients do not have to buy an additional license.
Enterprise or Multiple servers license is purchased when the product is used on several servers.

License types based on "Single domain"

Our licenses that include the word "domain" in their names are based on quantity physical servers, domains and IP.
The one license can be used on one domain, one physical server and one IP. For example: If you want to use product at and you should buy 2 single domain licenses or one Enterprise.
If your website has different domains only for usability or for search engines optimization purposes and you want one license for all domains, you should contact us.

License types based on "Users"

Our licenses that include the word "User" in their names are based on maximum quantity of unique user names that is allowed to create or logon in the application. If some visitors use the same single user name, you need "1 user license".

Custom programming

Most of the software problems can be fixed right away, so you don't need to wait for updates. Our developers can modify our products code for your personal needs. Some licenses include small quantity of custom programming hours free - it is enough for minor modifications that you would like to have. Extra custom programming costs $60/hour. Contact our support team if you need some modifications in the product code.

Upgrade Policy

Element-IT tends to upgrade software improving their functioning, adapting the programmes to new versions of Web browsers and correcting errors. There are two kinds of upgrades:
  • Minor Version Updates This is an insignificant upgrade that can happen at any rate of frequency. It is possible to determine Minor Update by a figure after the point in version number (for example, 1.0 or 1.1). Minor Update usually includes slight changes or bug fix, but our company sometimes makes significant changes within Minor Updates. Minor Update is free for current customers.
  • Major Version Upgrades We offer 50% discount for major version upgrade. Please contact us to consult about upgrade. You may determine the Major Upgrade by a figure before the point in version number (for example, 1.0 or 2.0). We do not plan to release Major Updates annually. Extensive changes took place in some products within Minor Updates. We make Major Updates once in 2-3 years. License does not terminate in this case and current clients are able to use the previous version if it is convenient for them.


Existing customers of some license can change the license type without changing the major version of the product (for example, change 15 users license to the 50 users license). Such crossgrade costs just the difference of the prices. If you need both major upgrade and crossgrade you should first buy major upgrade and than crossgrade. Please contact us to get purchase link and consult about the crossgrade price.