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MultiPowUpload Flash based web file uploader

MultiPowUpload is advanced flash file upload component. Allow to resize images on client side.
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MultiPowUpload Flash based web file uploader

Image rotate and cut operations
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MultiPowUpload Flash based web file uploader

List or thumnnails view
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MultiPowUpload Flash based web file uploader

File information and custom form windows
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Users testimonials:

"Our austrian social network needs to handle uploads of high volumes on an everyday basis, however these have to be performed in our own interface. MultiPowUploaded has enabled us to do just that in record times, saving the development of complex backend solutions."

Alexey Kulikov, Head of Development.

Element-IT software offers 4 file and folders multiple upload and download solutions: Flash,Java.
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MultiPowUpload is advanced flash file upload component

MultiPowUpload is the universal java script control that includes multiple files uploading features of HTML5 (Drag-n-drop), Flash and Silverlight to replace the classic file uploading via Form in a browser. MultiPowUpload can be placed on a web site easily and works in a >99% browsers because it shows control that current browser supports (HTML5 or Flash or Silverlight). It offers lots of new possibilities that are not available during the usual upload via Form.

The most significant possibilities are:

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This upload software intended for fast and easy integration into web solutions functionality of uploading multiple files on a server through Internet from a web browser. With such tool you can upload any data, and the extended image support (preview, thumbnails uploading and image operations like crop, rotate) makes it ideal tool for uploading pictures for photo galleries. MultiPowUpload supports any server side platform, like ASP.NET and PHP.

MultiPowUpload flash file uploader features

Didn't found needed features? See our advanced relayted products: Java based JavaPowUpload , Silverlight based Ultimate Uploader , ActiveX ActiveXPowUpload.

Server system requirements:

  • Any OS and web server.
  • Standard script which receives files on server. ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, ColdFusion and Perl server scripts examples are included.

Users side system requirements:

  • Any OS
  • Any of popular browsers
  • Adobe Flash Player 10 plug-in should be installed. If Player with older version installed control installs new automaticaly.