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Ultimate Uploader Silverlight based web file uploader

Ultimate Uploader - powerful multiple file and image upload control that allow to upload files of ANY size.
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What is Ultimate file Uploader?

Ultimate Uploader - powerful multiple file and image upload control that allow to upload multiple files with advanced support of upload photos. Its main advantage is drag and drop support and uploading by chunks -therefor unlimited file size supported (greater than 2 or 4 GB!). This upload software intended for fast and easy integration into web solutions functionality of uploading multiple files on a server through Internet from a web browser.
   Absence of file size limits gives you complete freedom in uploading of any data, and the extended image support (thumbnails uploading and image resizing) makes it ideal tool for uploading pictures for photo galleries.
   Ultimate Uploader supports ASP.NET (file upload control with full design-time support) and PHP platform (PHP upload script). Live Demo   Screenshots

Why Silverlight Ultimate Uploader?
10 convincing arguments to decide

  • Drag and drop multiple files (new in v 1.4.3)
  • Multiple upload any files quantity of any size
    Ultimate Uploader has no limitations on quantity and size of uploaded files at all. It uses chunk based file upload technique that allows not to store uploaded files in server memory and immediately to write them on a disk or a database - forget forever about server's "out of memory" problem during upload large files. Now uploading files greater than 2 or 4 GB supported! Size is unlimited!
  • Pause, cancellation and resumption uploading process at any moment
    In the big file uploading process connection with a server has broken? Uploading process has occupied unexpectedly long time? It is not a problem if you use Ultimate Uploader - just pause file uploading or cancel it. Our file uploader will continue to upload cancelled or interrupted uploadings during any time convenient for you from that point on which they have been interrupted.
  • Rich information about file upload process
    You see a complete state information of each separate file and its progress, common progress of file uploading process, transfer rate and time which has remained before upload completion.
  • Customizable appearance
    Wish to integrate organically the multiple file upload control into your site without having broken its style? You can set background color, font type, font size, font style and color, as well as size of whole file upload control.
  • Thumbnails show and uploading
    Uploading pictures for a photo gallery? Switch in the Thumbnails View, explore photos and select files which you will upload and delete from the upload list unnecessary. Also Ultimate Uploader will upload image thumbnails of the specified size (named on specified template) together with files.
  • Image resizing on client side before upload
    Photos too large for uploading and usage on a website? Search for the image uploader with resize feature? Ultimate Uploader will automatically resize images before uploading to the specified size and with specified quality.
  • Limitations on type and size of uploaded files
    Wish to allow users possibility to upload only files of specified types and the certain sizes? Set the file type filter of upload component and limitation on the maximum file size.
  • Extended JavaScript support A lot of new methods in v 1.5
    Wish to manage upload component from web page and handle events of beginning or completion upload process entirely or each file separately? Ultimate Uploader provides advanced JavaScript API for deep integration of file upload control with web page.
  • Support any kind of authentication, cookies and SSL
    Your site uses Forms or Windows authentication and cookies? Don't worry about it, Ultimate Uploader is seamless integrates into web page and uses its authentication data and cookies. Also our file uploader supports SSL sites.
  • Support of the various server environments
    Without dependence what environment you use on your server, file uploader integration will be simple and convenient. Ultimate Uploader includes ASP.NET file upload control with full design-time support, PHP upload script, can be easily integrated into simple html page. Also you can write a server upload script in any other programming language.
Didn't found needed features? See our advanced relayted products: Java based JavaPowUpload ,Flash based MultiPowUpload , ActiveX ActiveXPowUpload.

Ultimate Uploader components:

The Ultimate Uploader base package includes all components and contains two variants of upload control:
  • Control for ASP.NET - This kind of the control is intended for integration in ASP.NET applications. It can be placed on ASP.NET web page and customized from Visual Studio designer.
  • Simple Module (XAP) and handler examples - This modification is intended for simply solutions and non-Microsoft server environments. The uploader client side module is embed in web page as object, on the server side is placed handler script in any server programming language.
The Ultimate Uploader package includes also a PHP upload script intended for integration multiple file uploading into PHP websites.

Server system requirements:

  • Any OS and web server.
  • PHP and ASP.NET file processing scripts included.

Users side system requirements:

  • Windows. Windows 2000 or later, Internet Explorer 6 or above, Firefox 1.5 or above, Chrome and other. More details...
  • Mac. OS X 10.4.8 or later (provided they have Intel hardware) with Firefox 1.5+ or Safari. More details...
  • Linux, FreeBSD or Solaris. Unix/X11 based operating systems implementation of Silverlight (known as Moonlight) is being developed by Novell, current list of supported platforms and operating systems is here.
The Silverlight runtime (web browser plugin) will be automatically offered for installation at the first opening of page.