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"Have looked at many companies when thinking about choosing a multiple uploader for images. I had chosen this company because of the support and technical knowledge of the advisor. Viktor is a credit to customer serviced and helped me every step of the way and the replies were the quickest out of all companies I had tried. The integrated software on my site had made my life an my customers life a lot easier. I would recommend this service and product to anyone who is looking for a professional multiple uploader. Thank you to Viktor and his team for a great product and a high quality product."


"We needed a solution for uploading multiple photo files. MultiPow was the best solution we found! I am more than satisfied and happy to recommend Element-IT. SC Smiley SRL, Tg. Mures Romania, We just looked for an easy uploading tool to integrate in our own cms system and found multipowupload. After trying many other uploaders out there, we found the best uploading and extending mechanism in multipowupload and have been using this product since years. The customizing ability is amazing and also support/feature requests are always answered very fast and to our full satisfaction!"

Juergen(Weiss) Ltd. (

"I am running the content management systems (CMS) "Homepage Toolbox" at, and needed a way for letting my clients easily upload multiple files. MultiPowUploader was the best tool i found, and it is running without any problems for many many years. Thanks for this great tool."

Dr.Peter(Mayer), Homepage(Toolbox)

"We needed a solution for uploading large numbers of high-res images by non-technical staff. MultiPowUpload enabled us to do quickly and easily with the added benefit of intuitive progress bars and client side thumbnails! I am more than satisfied and happy to recommend Element-IT"

Tony Bennett, IT Manager, Keith Pattinson Ltd

"We needed a flexible and configurable product for dealing with uploading multiple files which should also be very intuitive and simple for users to use. The solution became Flash MultiPowUploader from Element IT and we have been more than happy with the outcome! "

Bjorn Pettersson, Technical project leader, EDB Consulting Group, Sweden.

"We needed a solution to support multiple file uploads of various formats to use in our system. With no ability to invest in developing our own, MultiPowUpload provided the perfect solution to support resumable file upload of up to 4GB. I was more than satisfied and I am more than happy to recommend Element-IT"

Tasos Panagis, Director of Technology, OmniLingua.Germany GmbH.

"We needed a solution for our client which had requirements to upload multiple large print quality files.The guided step by step by MultiPowUpload support team was fantastic allowing us to reached a solution which enables us to offer resumable upload of files of up to 4GB. We are more than satisfied and happy to recommend Element-IT to whoever is in need of this fantastic script, application."

Tony Nikolovski (Project manager) Webextreme Pty Ltd, LogicSoft

"Our austrian social network needs to handle uploads of high volumes on an everyday basis, however these have to be performed in our own interface. MultiPowUploaded has enabled us to do just that in record times, saving the development of complex backend solutions."

Alexey Kulikov, Head of Development.

"We selected MultiPowUpload to streamline large file uploads and provide a more intuitive interface for our users. It is flexible, well priced, and reliable. I highly recommend MultiPowUpload to overcome the issue of large and multiple file uploads."

Robert Bell. Head Nerd of Limeworks, Australia

"We needed to give our customers the ability to make multiple uploads for photos and videos. Our Orosso website builder offers photographers and artists a way to build a portfolio websites and multipow upload was the perfect fit. With it, we added the ability to upload multiple high-res images and even movie files up to 4GB in a single upload. With no previous experience implementing this type of product I was guided by the MultiPowUpload support team to reach a perfect solution. I am very satisfied and happy to recommend Element-IT."

Joseph Cohen, Orosso,

"We needed a way for members to conveniently upload their photos of our performances and carnival parades - often hundreds of photos in folders. We found MultiPowUpload was able to provide an ideal solution, and was straight forward to configure and integrate into our website just as we wanted it. We are happy to recommend MultiPowUpload."

RG, trustee of Paraiso School of Samba

"After a long search for an uploading solution for our content management system we end up with Multipow. We apply their Multipow upload in our system for uploading images and especially large files. Multipow works very well and is easy to implement. We are very satisfied with this application."

Bart Kroone, director webdevelopment of Webvalue from Alkmaar, The Netherlands.

"MultiPowUploader is the most advanced multi-format upload solution on the market. It's the only solution that we were comfortable with for service. Client-Side thumbnail generation currently saves us enormous amount of bandwidth, and the other features our service simply could not do without. Overall, it saved us at least a month of rigorous development."

Andrey Arkhipov, CTO, FliXpress(LLC)

"Uploading multiple files in an unstable network environment can be a huge task. MultiPowUpload made it easy for our developers saving us weeks of Flash development time. Also, it made things easy for our users to upload files to their customized solutions. Thanks for your help!"


"The Flash MultiPowUploader delivered as promised. It is customizable, easy to integrate, and reliable. The Element-IT's product is now part of both our website service and web marketing service that have been used by hundreds of thousands of small businesses"

Aaron Sperling, vFlyer Inc, CEO/President.

"I cannot say enough good things about the Flash MultiPowUploader --especially the people standing behind the product. If you are searching for a versatile, intuitive method of getting large files uploaded to a server, you can try to write your own like I did. A closer look at the MultiPowUploader and you will realize; The perfect upload program has already been written! Whatever price they are asking, I assure you it is more than fair. Believe me, you will know where the money went."

Mark, Lead(Programmer),

"Holiday Nova needed a solution that would make it very easy for our clients to upload and reorder photos while drastically increasing the speed of the uploads. After a lot of time spent looking for the best solution we tested and chose Flash MultiPowUploader!"

Milan Pintar,

"We needed a solution allowing our users to upload hundreds of photos at once. We selected MultiPOWUpload after running a trial with several other components. It was evident immediately that Element IT was the clear choice. With its endless array of options for customization, display and rules, I find I can now use it in place of every upload situation! If you are considering another option, STOP and take another look at this one!"

Nick Owens

"We needed a system to allow our companies to upload multiple photos simultaneously. We also needed this solution to be quick and easy enough to be used by people with very little technical know-how. MultiPowUpload is a great product that gave us exactly what we needed. Integration was made easy, and we've been very pleased with its performance."

Aaron Brown, Chief Technology Officer - MarkNet Alliance

"We required an easy to use solution that was also simple to implement. Users of our site frequently have little computing knowledge and need to be able to upload photos easily and quickly. MultiPowUpload checked all these boxes for us, and we are extremely satisfied with the solution."

Ben Meisner, CEO

"We needed a sleek and stylish solution to upload multiple mp3 music files in one go. Half a million bands use our upload, so it also had to be robust. The Flash MultiPowUploader fit that bill like no other product. We also appreciated the excellent ColdFusion template, it made it easy to implement everything in a couple of days. We're using it now for some years and are can highly recommend it."

Tanju Canli, Co-founder

"We needed a solution for large uploads of video source files. We were guided step-by-step by MultiPowUpload's support team and we are very happy with the product. We made the right choice in selecting MultiPowUpload and we are delighted to recommend Element-IT"

John Sanchez, President, Zunch Worldwide, Inc.

"We needed a solution for the upload of multiple image files. Not wanting to reinvent the wheel we found it extremely easy to install Mulipow as a solution to handle all our requirements. Since installation the timely upgrades have kept that aspect of our product looking fresh and modern."

John Batistich, Director, Potentiality Pty Ltd.

"We needed a simple, visually appealing component that can upload multiple images and show a simple progress bar. MultiPowUpload was even better than I expected as it shows the progress of each individual file as well as the overall progress. I use it with a classis ASP script and it works fantastic! Large files are uploaded with ease too."


"I was searching for an easy solution to upload multiple photos and videos for one of my customer. I found the Flash MultiPowUploader from Element-IT. It is easy to install and to use. You can customize the solution and the server side solution is offered for different languages which is perfect! The solution is very reliable as the support for Element-IT. Questions are answered quickly and the team at Element-IT is very knowledgeable! I am was more than satisfied with the product and support and I am happy to recommend Element-IT"

Richard(Dumoulin, e - Summum)

"Design By George had a client who wanted to be able to upload large video files he shot of different music bands. MultiPowUpload consulted with us every step of the way until our product launched. The end product is a solution, which allows our client to be able to upload large video files. The team at Element-IT are true professionals, and I highly recommend them"

George Murphy, President, Design By George, Inc.

"We were looking for an elegant, easy-to-implement web solution to allow our clients to upload their photos to our photolab. After trying many products, we found MultiPowUpload from Element-IT. This solution was simple to install and required no serious programming skills to interface it to our back end. Thank you for making available such a wonderful, stable and reliable product."

Mike Salonin.Provisia Photo Lab, Montreal(Quebec, Canada)

"I haven't seen a better web based file manager for windows. It's feature list dwarfs it's competition and in some cases there is no alternative product. And if you need it, their customer service and support of the product is outstanding."

Lenny, Developer, Perpetual Solutions