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Web file manager for Active Directory

Fast, clear and easy integration. External access to shared folders. NTFS and ADFS support.

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Windows authentication (Active Directory) version features

This is a special edition designed to use with existing Active Directory or Windows Server users. Basic or NTLM authentication is used. It provides an intelligent web interface and allows users to remotely access their personal or common folders shared on the domain network. It supports existing users, groups, shares and Organizational Units of Active Directory. End users will only be able to access information that they have NTFS permissions to. Web based file manager HTTP Commander is compatible with Windows NT 4.0 Domains and Active Directory. This version is a "must have" software for schools, academies, colleges, universities and other organizations with Windows server or Active Directory users

If you have already users with their shared folders, the access for 1000+ users can be set within 1-5 minutes.
Watch the  "HTTP Commander Active Directory integration: 10 minutes to install and configure" video
Usage of application inside Educational organisation