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Free employee PC monitoring software
Cloud-based staff monitoring service to increase productivity and for time tracking.
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What is Workmon?

Workmon is a cloud system for monitoring computers and recording of staff work time. It allows to increase dramatically the performance of all level employees. It helps people focus on the efficient work without being distracted by social networks, games, etc.

Improve the performance of your company and start analyzing
its activities as soon as in 5 minutes for free.

3 steps to your success:

  • 1
    Register in the cloud
    1 minute
  • 2
    Download the agent software and
    install it on the computers
    subject to monitoring - 3 minutes
  • 3
    See the activity reports
    on the control panel
    as soon as in a minute

Why Workmon?

  • Apps and web site statistics
    Collects all data on any launched applications, visited web sites,
    and work interruptions.
  • Screen shots
    Creates frequent PC screen shots to control the workflow.
  • Performance improvement
    Some solutions to analyze time drain
    and to improve team performance
    and work efficiency of teleworkers.
  • Blocking destructive web sites
    Enables blocking social networks,
    E-stores, and other web sites
    affecting work processes.
  • Charts and reports
    More than 10 kinds of reports and charts: statistics of attendance and lunch breaks and activities per time, per categories,
    and per efficiency.
  • Security increase
    Stores the history of all user actions
    on corporative PCs for a long period.

For whom is this service designed

Workmon is a convenient tool to renovate business processes of a company which helps each participant in his or her work:

For CEOs

  • Security – The history of all user activities and screen shots are at your disposal. Instant alert is made when a suspicious activity is detected. Blocking all destructive web sites and applications.
  • Assurance – You know absolutely exactly what your employees are busy with.
  • Economy – economy in inefficient employees and benefit from general performance improvement.
  • Convenience – Workmon is a cloud service (SAAS) not demanding installation of large-scale applications or a web server. Only installation of a simple agent application is needed. The statistics is available via Internet from any location.

For managers

Convenient and timely control of certain employees and team interaction. A manager controls task performance without any meetings and not distracting employees from their work. With the screen shots a manager can see, how the task is performed, and the extent of its current completeness.

  • Performance improvement – The statistics of staff activities enables analyzing the reasons of success of best employees and failure of less effective ones.
  • Work climate improvement - Timely indication of over- or underload of the employees and burnout prevention.
  • Optimization – knowing the time needed to operate certain categories of apps and web sites, you can train your staff or optimize specific processes to save their time.

For HR

  • Compliance with the work schedule – Precise record of the real time of arrivals, leavings, lunch breaks, work duration, extra working hours, and downtime duration.
  • Teleworkers – Allows to estimate work duration of teleworkers and freelancers and calculate payments effectively and precisely.
  • Hiring personnel – Work analysis enables more precise competency estimation of employees on probation. Screen shots of the existing work processes may be used to train new staff.

For employees

  • Motivation for efficient work and improvement of personal performance and self-discipline.
  • Increasing work efficiency and professional skills through better focusing on the work and elimination of distracting factors (social networks, movies, games, messengers, etc).
    Records of real time spent for certain tasks and a stimulus to optimize too time-consuming tasks.

Benefit estimation

An average decrease of an employee’s performance due to just one reason – attention distraction
by social networks or web sites of personal nature and thus going out of the flow - is 15% of time.
Number of employees in your company Average annual salary
You will save an amount of 20 000 $ a year
The service pay-back period is 300 days
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