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HTTP指挥官 网文件经理

可以各种在线服务整合 和 桌面应用程序.

HTTP Commander 网文件经理

HTTP指挥官- 网文件经理的历史可追溯到2002年和全球范围内在教育机构和公司使用. 该产品的主要目的机会 快速,方便地提供对文件和文档, 出售的Windows服务器上,通过传统的Web浏览器通过HTTP. 本产品 - 一个伟大的选择FTP, WebDav, Sharepoint和其他服务器. 用户可以远程工作个人和公共文件夹,存储在服务器上编辑文档. 他们可以从家的,办公室,学校电脑或移动设备工作. 所有这一切需要 - 只是一个Web浏览器!
该产品是专为微软网络和可设置为Windows IIS Web服务器作为一个独立的应用程序或集成到现有的现场(ASP.NET, PHP, CMS). 对于客户,它支持所有流行的浏览器和操作系统.
使用HTTP指挥官可以提供访问文档和文件, 您的网站给您的访客,组织下载.
HTTP指挥官适用于Forms和Windows 身份验证(Basic或NTLM身份验证对于用户 Active Directory).
2010年8月,发布了一个完全重新设计的版本AJS 1.0 , 被命名AJS (因积极利用AJAX和JavaScript). 2012年11月被释放AJS2.0的下一个版本,包含了很多新特性.

HTTP Commander is hosted on your own server. You pay for the license only once and there are no recurring payments. You save up to 10 times compared to the cloud services.

Active Directory的版本对于教育机构和其他组织

版本的Windows身份验证支持不可或缺对于教育机构和使用Active Directory在他们的网络组织. 您可以提供远程访问网络文件和文件夹为学生和职员. HTTP指挥官将考虑所有现有的NTFS权限. 用户可以(通过互联网)管理文件和文件夹,编辑文档在您的企业网络或者从家里和能够使用您的家庭或办公室的电脑, 在MAC OS电脑, 移动设备, 比如IPAD,IPhone,基于Android等智能手机和平板电脑. 支持基本和NTLM身份验证.


Familiar and user-friendly Windows Explorer-like interface.

HTTP Commander enables users to access the remote files and folders using only a browser. Users of the Windows Explorer and other similar file managers could easy start to interact with HTTP Commander interface. Among the basic operations with files the following are available: create, copy, move, delete, rename, preview of details, lists sorting, and search. The tree-like folder structure is available, well as the thumbnails or detailed display mode.

Viewing and editing documents online.

Starting from version 4, HTTP Commander provides not only a viewing function, but also the ability to edit documents, tables and presentations online using only a browser. The program interacts with the leading online editing services, such as Google docs, Microsoft online, Office 365, ONLYOFFICE, and provides their interface in order to edit documents stored within HTTP Commander. From now on, there is no need for the users to download the app's desktop to work with documents, and move documents. Online editors and viewers support the most types of Office files from Microsoft, free OpenOffice, pdf, and other files.

Supporting desktop MS Office and OpenOffice / Libreoffice

HTTP Commander allows you to open remote documents directly from MS Office or free OpenOffice / Libreoffice for editing. The Users do not need to manually download documents and upload them back. The program implements WebDAV protocol through which the documents are automatically uploaded and stored on the server by office applications. Once the document is opened in Office, in the future the user can continue to edit the document at any time, even without opening the browser in HTTP Commander. However, all the document changes are sent to the server. While editing the document is locked for any other users.

Collaborate edit of office documents

HTTP Commander supports real-time collaborative editing feature (showing all changes instantly for all users) using ONLYOFFICE suite. Commenting and built-in chat, reviewing and tracking changes are also available in ONLYOFFICE. See it in action on the video .

HTTP Commander supports joint work on documents in desktop MS Office. A user, who first opened a document for review, has the ability to save changes. Other users can make changes in the document, but they cannot save their changes until the first user closes the document. Once the document lock is removed (that means that the first user has closed the document), then other users will receive a notification that the document is available for editing. All the changes will be automatically loaded. Thus, no changes will be lost: either made by the first user, or by other users.

Online video and audio files play.

In Version 4 we have improved the function of media files play. The users can watch videos and listen to music without completely downloading them by using the embedded browser’s player. HTTP Commander supports the streaming video and video scroll function. A function of video conversion from different formats is available.

Sharing documents and folders between the users.

2 types of the documents and folders Sharing function is available for the users: internal links to the users, who have profiles in HTTP Commander and public links for the anonymous users (no registration required). From now on, all the users can create their own storages from any folder and allow their friends uploading the documents. Also they can share the documents and allow downloading them to all those, who will receive the public link.

Interaction with cloud storages

HTTP Commander is friendly with such popular cloud storages as Dropbox, Google drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Box. If the users have the account at any of those cloud storage, they can easily move files and folders between HTTP Commander and their own cloud storage. Now you will never forget the necessary files at home – all you need is to store files or pictures from your mobile phone in the cloud, and they will be available at the right time in HTTP Commander application.

Supporting mapping web folders and WebDAV

The users can map folders available in HTTP Commander and further work with them in Windows explorer. Changes in the files are immediately sent to the server. You can edit your documents in the programs that support WebDAV, e.g. MS Office and OpenOffice/Libreoffice.

Many opportunities to upload / download files.

At once the Users can download a plurality of files from their own PC using only a browser. It is possible to specify a whole folder, or use the drag-n-drop function. Now the files size can exceed 2 GB and is practically unlimited. It’s also available to download several files at once. To download multiple folders or nested structure of files there is a zip and download function – automatic archiving of selected folders into zip archive and its subsequent downloading.

Mobile interface for Smartphones and tablets.

HTTP Commander is adapted to work on any device from Smartphones to laptop. Standard interface fully runs on the small screens of Smartphones or tablets. But for the users accustomed to the compact mobile interface, HTTP Commander loads a more compact interface to work with files. Moreover, depending on the device the more familiar CSS style is loaded - for iOS, Android, or Windows Phone devices.

Viewing pictures and online editor

HTTP Commander is very handy to store and manipulate the images. Thumbnails mode is available for the users, it allows quickly finding the right images, even under slow Internet. There is a special browser-based image viewer - slider.

Comments, Labels and Files Details.

The users can write comments and set labels for the files or folders. Such labels and comments are visually clearly visible in the interface to all users. Also the admin may configure the opportunity to set any other metadata for files. Comments and metadata are recorded in NTFS streams files is a built-in technology of Windows File System. Due to that the metadata are not being lost, when moving and copying files, even if it doesn't occur in HTTP Commander application.

Zip/Unzip compression

The functional compression and unpacking of files and folders is available to the users. Due to that function, you can reduce the size of data held or speed up the loading, in case of a large data transmission by using a slow Internet. Also the zip file is well suited for downloading and uploading the complex nested structure of files and folders.

Multilingual interface.

HTTP Commander offers an interface translated into more than 40 languages. The main languages are translated by man. Less common languages are machine translated. The admin can adjust any localization and change the UserHelp texts, and also add new information to the users.

Online viewer for 50 types of files of 2d and 3d modeling (Autodesk 360)

Now, the students and workers in field of designing can use the online viewer. To view more than 50 types of files you need only a browser.

Synchronization with local folders

Supporting synchronization of HTTP Commander folder with a folder on your local computer.

With the support of WebDAV the users can install the free software to automatically synchronize folders located in the local and remote medium of HTTP Commander.

Comfortable Admin Panel

HTTP Commander offers comfortable admin panel with rich functionality. Administrator can change and tune almost any aspect of HTTP Commander. Admin Panel provides easy way to change settings, manage shared folders and their permissions, manage users and groups, view user activities log. Additionaly, HTTP Commander allow to assign some of administrator privileges to other users.

Integration with Auth0 service

Auth0 is an enterprise-grade platform for modern identity. It provides full stack of authentication, authorization and user management features you ever may need for! With Auth0 you have all user accounts stored in one place and any application can be configured to authenticate with it. Starting from version 4.6 HTTP Commander can be configured to use Auth0 authentication. It is best option if you already use Auth0 in your organisation or if you use your custom database and want to use the same user accounts in HTTP Commander. Read more about it.

Azure AD authentication

Integration with Azure AD

HTTP Commander can be configured to work with Microsoft Azure Active Directory. This allows existing Azue AD users to authenticate in the HTTP Commander. And allows to assign folders in the admin panel to the groups or users from the Azure AD.

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99% of our customers recommend us!

"HTTP Commander is a Web Based File Manager which works very well allowing our students and staff access to their files remotely using a web browser. It is surprisingly simple to install and configure and the online documentation is clear and easy to follow."


"HTTP Commander is a Web Based File Manager which our school has used successfully for over 8 years providing our students and faculty quick and easy access to their network shares using a web browser. Technical support is excellent and the newest version provides many features including easy file transfer to DropBox. I highly recommend HTTP Commander for use in schools."

"HTTP Commander was one of the best folder web file sharing application I could find on the web which works well and installs surprisingly easily. It allows my clients to be able to share folders with external parties with ease of use and setup with full control of access to file through AD security."